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Every Minute $1.1 Million is Lost to Cybercrime ($600 billion a Year) -- 18 Jan 2019- With cybercriminals costing the global economy $600 billion last year alone, RiskIQ once again took a closer look at the growing volume of malicious activity on the internet during a single “internet minute.” Every single minute: Businesses spend $171,233 to defend themselves Yet, close to $1,138,888 is lost to cybercrime… ... Read More
“GAPS”: DARPA Explores New Computing Architectures to Deliver Verifiable Data Assurances -- 17 Jan 2019- Program seeks to create new software and hardware architectures that provide physically provable assurances around data security and privacy - 1/16/2019 DARPA created the Guaranteed Architecture for Physical Security (GAPS) program to develop scalable solutions that provide safe, verifiable methods of tracking information and communications between computer systems. The… ... Read More
Bitcoin Turns Ten on Anniversary of Genesis Block -- 05 Jan 2019- Today marks ten years since the creation of the very first block on the Bitcoin blockchain   Today, Jan. 3, marks ten years since the creation of the very first block on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. Known in more technical parlance as a “genesis block,” the first block on a… ... Read More
MIT Technology Review: Blockchain Will Become Normalized in 2019 -- 05 Jan 2019- MIT Technology Review has published an article today, Jan. 2, arguing that 2019 is the year in which blockchain will become mundane. The Review is a magazine that is independent but wholly-owned by the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The article gives a laconic overview of its take… ... Read More
Blockchain Application Fields -- 05 Jan 2019- from the The Cyber Security Hub™ -       ... Read More
Berlin Digital -- 04 Jan 2019- Berliner Zeitung · Nummer 3 · Freitag, 4. Januar 2019                 ... Read More
Japan’s GMO Internet Exits Bitcoin Miner Production After Recording ‘Extraordinary Loss’ in Q4 -- 26 Dec 2018- Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group is quitting the Bitcoin mining hardware sector, Cointelegraph Japan reported Dec. 25 referencing a public document. Citing “extraordinary loss” in Q4 this year, GMO, which began its foray into Bitcoin mining in 2017, said that it will “no longer develop, manufacture and sell” miners.… ... Read More
Blockstream Launches 5th Satellite Streaming Bitcoin Blockchain From Space -- 18 Dec 2018- Blockchain development firm Blockstream has expanded its satellite service and is now broadcasting the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain to all of Earth’s major land masses, Forbes reported Dec. 17. The wider coverage — which comes via the addition of a fifth leased satellite — brings potential internet-free Bitcoin transactions and information… ... Read More
R&D Spending Per Country -- 17 Dec 2018- (right-click and select "view image" to see the full size)       ... Read More
Just Two ASIC Bitcoin Mining Rigs Remain Profitable in Current Markets -- 11 Dec 2018- ASIC miners tailored for SHA-256-based cryptocurrencies, in order of profitability, Dec. 11   (Remember, we are looking at toy box miners here ... not industrial-scale hardware) Amid the cryptocurrency market crash, even the newest crypto mining machines are struggling to seal profits for their operators, according to real-time data published… ... Read More
What if the military relied on digital twins? -- 07 Dec 2018- What if the U.S. Department of Defense had a computer model so supremely detailed, it could reproduce exactly the operations of a complex military system? If the Pentagon ran the alongside real-world applications, leaders would know when systems were working properly, and when they were going awry. Navy leaders say… ... Read More
Over One Third of German Big Business Find Blockchain Tech as Impactful as Internet -- 06 Dec 2018- According to a recent survey, over one third of big businesses in Germany consider blockchain technology as revolutionary as the Internet, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported, Dec. 4. In addition to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT), blockchain technology is one of the current three areas of development… ... Read More
Can DARPA Crack Blockchain? -- 06 Dec 2018- The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking into an implementation of the blockchain that could fundamentally alter how sensitive military systems are secured. 06 DEC 2018 DARPA wants to know if it can do anything with blockchain DARPA is known for seeing futures first, and then making them… ... Read More
“URSA”: Hyperledger Announces New ‘Cryptography Library’ for DLT Development -- 05 Dec 2018- The Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee has approved the Ursa project, a modular cryptography software library, according to an official announcement Dec. 4. According to the statement, as Hyperledger has matured, projects “have started to find a need for sophisticated cryptographic implementations.” The post describes Ursa as a shift from having… ... Read More
Swiss Fintech License Allows Blockchain, Crypto Firms to Accept $100 Mln in Public Funds -- 03 Dec 2018- The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has released guidelines for their new “FinTech” license, according to a FINMA official press release released Dec. 3 The Swiss financial regulator revealed that license pursuants, which can be blockchain-related and crypto-related firms, will be able to apply for the fintech license with… ... Read More
Amazon Announces Two Blockchain-Related Products: Quantum Ledger and Managed Blockchain -- 29 Nov 2018- E-commerce giant Amazon announced the debut of two new services, Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) and Amazon Managed Blockchain, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Nov. 28. QLDB is a ledger database designed to provide transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable log of transactions, which is overseen by a… ... Read More
Ohio Becomes First US State to Allow Taxes to Be Paid in Bitcoin -- 26 Nov 2018- Ohio has become the first U.S. state to allow taxes to be paid in bitcoin. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, starting this week, companies in the state will be able to pay a variety of taxes, from tobacco sales tax to employee withholding tax… ... Read More
DARPA to Host Permissionless Blockchain Workshop On 14-15 FEB 2019 -- 25 Nov 2018- The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will host a two-day blockchain workshop in February, according to an official request for information (RFI) posted Nov. 19. DARPA, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Defense, is looking to investigate technologies for distributed consensus during a workshop “tentatively scheduled… ... Read More
German Federal Economic Ministry (BMWi) Wants to Combat Tax Fraud with Blockchain -- 25 Nov 2018- The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is planning to fight tax evasion schemes by using blockchain, German business news outlet WirtschaftsWoche reported Nov. 22. Following the major European tax fraud scheme CumEx-Files, the BMWi has suggested that distributed ledger technology (DLT) is capable of making the… ... Read More
Does Not Compute: Japan Cyber Security Minister Admits Shunning PCs -- 23 Nov 2018- A Japanese minister in charge of cyber security has provoked astonishment by admitting he has never used a computer in his professional life, and appearing confused by the concept of a USB drive.     Yoshitaka Sakurada, 68, is the deputy chief of the government's cyber security strategy office and… ... Read More
At Least Twelve $50 Million+ ICOs Still Haven’t Launched Tokens -- 23 Nov 2018- BitMEX research indicates frosty reception for the ICOs still yet to launch their tokens after raising over $50 million each   At least twelve Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects that raised over $50 million in their token sales have yet to launch, new data by cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX revealed… ... Read More
China: Crypto Miners F2Pool Sell off Mining Devices ‘by Kilo’ Amidst Market Decline -- 23 Nov 2018- Cryptocurrency mining operations in China are reportedly selling mining machines by weight, as opposed to price per unit. This selloff was reported by local Chinese crypto outlet 8BTC Wednesday, Nov. 21, with reference to the cryptocurrency mining pool F2Pool. Cryptocurrency markets experienced widespread decline throughout last week, with Bitcoin (BTC)… ... Read More
Bitcoin Smart Contract Startup RSK Unveils New PoW Infrastructure Project: Root Infrastructure Framework (RIF) -- 20 Nov 2018- RSK Labs, the startup working on smart contract functionality for bitcoin by way of sidechains, is operating under a new banner as part of a wider reimagining of its development ecosystem. The newly-dubbed Root Infrastructure Framework (RIF) Labs is headed by many of the same individuals that created the highly-anticipated platform… ... Read More
Why Would A Blockchain Company (Consensys) Buy A Satellite Company (Planetary Resources)? -- 20 Nov 2018-   by Gedalyah Reback It’s been two weeks since ConsenSys entered the satellite business. It befuddled the company’s observers to see a blockchain company, tasked with promoting Ethereum’s use, lay down what was likely hundreds of millions of dollars to buy one of the world’s premiere space startups. But the… ... Read More
BitMEX Analysts: Both Camps in BCH ‘Hash War’ Are Mining at Major Loss – Solid Profits With Bitcoin BTC -- 17 Nov 2018- In the aftermath from yesterday's Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, both opposing camps in the so-called "hash war" are mining at a hefty loss, according to a tweet from the research arm of Hong Kong-based crypto derivatives platform BitMEX today, Nov. 16. On Nov. 5, BitMEX Research announced it would… ... Read More



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