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OneWeb raises $1.25 billion to mass-produce high-speed internet satellites -- 19 Mar 2019- OneWeb, a space startup that recently launched its first “constellation” of micro-satellites to deliver broadband access across the globe, has raised $1.25 billion to begin mass-producing its satellites and capitalize on what it calls “first mover advantage.” The gargantuan cash injection was led by SoftBank, Qualcomm, Grupo Salinas, and the… ... Read More
Increasing Crypto Mining Attacks in Cloud Infrastructures -- 18 Mar 2019- Cryptocurrency mining is reportedly one of the most observed objectives of hackers attacking businesses’ cloud infrastructures, according to a report by AT&T Cybersecurity on March 14. The cybersecurity wing of United States telecoms firm AT&T stated that organizations of all sizes continue to face major crypto mining attacks despite the… ... Read More
The Dawn of the Deep Tech Ecosystem – Mehr Licht auf die Startups im Maschinenraum -- 18 Mar 2019- March 14, 201914 MAR 2019 -- by Massimo Portincaso, Arnaud de la Tour, and Philippe Soussan Deep technologies — novel technologies that offer significant advances over those currently in use — are attracting an unprecedented amount of interest and activity. The aggregate global private investment in seven deep tech categories… ... Read More
Vonage Subsidiary Receives Patent to Secure Voice Communications With Blockchain -- 15 Mar 2019- A telecoms firm owned by American cloud communications company Vonage has been awarded a patent for using blockchain technology to secure communications and recordings. The patent was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 12. NewVoiceMedia, Ltd. — a cloud service company based in Basingstoke, England —… ... Read More
UNICEF Extends Investment in 6 Blockchain Start-ups -- 26 Feb 2019- UNICEF's investment in blockchain startups extends its mission and also underscores the particularity of scenarios where blockchain promises to be the optimal solution. by Mary K. Pratt Most patients in Mexico get handwritten prescriptions on paper slips. It's an outdated method of relaying sensitive medical information, rife with inefficiencies and… ... Read More
What Is a Security Token Offering (STO)? -- 22 Feb 2019- 1.  What is an STO? 2. How is an STO different from an ICO? 3. How is an STO different from an IPO? 4. How are STOs defined and regulated around the world? 5. Are all governments open to the idea of STOs? 6. What are the advantages of an… ... Read More
South Korea Telecom and Deutsche Telekom to Build Blockchain Identity Platform -- 21 Feb 2019- South Korea's largest wireless carrier, SK Telecom (SKT), is partnering with the world’s fifth largest telecoms firm, Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, to develop a blockchain-based mobile identification solution. The news was reported in a press release from SKT on Feb. 21. A Memorandum of Understanding between the two firms is to… ... Read More
4 Promising Use Cases Of Blockchain In Cybersecurity -- 21 Feb 2019- 2018 was a rocky year security-wise. Governments, universities, power companies and ‘big name’ entreprises became victims of elaborate hacks. This year, 75% of CEOs and board members name cybersecurity and technology acquisitions among their top priorities. Blockchain-based solutions are among the commonly considered options. And not just among business leaders.… ... Read More
ATM Hacking Has Gotten So Easy, the Malware’s a Game -- 21 Feb 2019- As long as there are ATMs, hackers will be there to drain them of money. Although ATM-targeted “jackpotting” malware—which forces machines to spit out cash—has been on the rise for several years, a recent variation of the scheme takes that concept literally, turning the machine’s interface into something like a… ... Read More
Solar Power Stations In Space – Sending Energy To Earth -- 21 Feb 2019- Plans for first Chinese solar power station in space revealed By Kirsty Needham - February 15, 2019 - The Sydney Morning Herald Beijing: China is taking its renewable energy push to new heights, with scientists revealing plans to build the first solar power station in space. A solar power station… ... Read More
Die Trend-Themen der Berater 2016-2018 -- 21 Feb 2019- von Mathias Brandt am 20.02.2019 Womit beschäftigen sich eigentlich Unternehmensberatungen? Um diese Frage zu beantworten, haben Statista-Analysten 162 Whitepaper und Artikel führender Beratungsunternehmen - unter anderem Accenture, Boston Consulting, McKinsey - aus den letzten Jahren ausgewertet. Davon drehten sich 36 Publikationen (22,2 Prozent) um das Thema Digitale Transformation. Auf Platz zwei… ... Read More
Supply Chain Attacks Nearly Doubled in 2018 -- 20 Feb 2019- By Ionut Arghire on February 20, 2019 The number of supply chain attacks observed last year was 78% higher compared to the previous year, a new Symantec report reveals.  Aiming to compromise a target by exploiting third-party services and software, supply chain attacks take many forms, including the hijacking of… ... Read More
Shift in Trust: Half of US Millennial Investors Trust Crypto Exchanges More Than Stock Exchanges -- 20 Feb 2019- Nearly half of millennial traders have more trust in digital currency exchanges than in United States (U.S.) stock market exchanges. Data regarding millennial investment attitudes was collected in a new study from investment platform eToro and published on Feb. 19. Per the report, 43 percent of the surveyed millenial online… ... Read More
German Government Consults Industry About Blockchain Technology -- 19 Feb 2019- The German government is consulting companies and industry groups that could become stakeholders in the country’s blockchain development, Reuters reports on Feb. 18. The unnamed companies and groups have reportedly been invited to supply recommendations from this week onwards. Reuters also cites unspecified government sources saying that it is still… ... Read More
Blockstream Publishes Schnorr-Based Test Code for Bitcoin Blockchain Upgrade -- 19 Feb 2019- The Schnorr-based multi-signature scheme MuSig, a test code for a potential upgrade to the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain, has been released by blockchain tech firm Blockstream, according to an announcement published on Feb. 18. Last January, four Bitcoin developers released a paper outlining how Schnorr multi-signatures (‘multisig’) could help scale the… ... Read More
Bitmain Announces 2nd Energy-Efficient 7nm ASIC Chip for Mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash -- 19 Feb 2019- Chinese mining giant and ASIC hardware producer Bitmain has announced its next generation 7nm (nanometer) ASIC mining chip, according to a press release published on Monday, Feb. 18. The new mining hardware, BM1397, is designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the SHA256 algorithm for their proof-of-work (PoW), such as Bitcoin… ... Read More
Japan’s Cloud Storage Security Regulation (similar to United States, Britain, and Australia) -- 19 Feb 2019- The Japanese government plans on strengthening its defenses against cyber attacks from China, among other nations. It aims to do so through regulating and securing the use of cloud services. The government plans to draw up security standards and start trial runs this year, with the aim of introducing the… ... Read More
Blockchain’s New Civil Aviation Application -- 19 Feb 2019- [Tip: this is not really "Blockchain", when "permissioned" is part of the deal. Defeats the purpose and violates core principles of Blockchain.] Blockchain technology has a wide range of applications. Currently, it is tested as a means to ensure the privacy and security of aircraft flight data. NASA claims that… ... Read More
SIM Swappers Swindle Millions — Biggest Criminal Threat in Crypto in 2019? -- 13 Feb 2019- Cryptocurrency crime trends have been in the spotlight in recent weeks, but SIM swapping has been strangely absent in a number of reports on 2018. Cryptocurrency analytics companies CipherTrace and Chainalysis released two different reports focusing on the major crime trends in the space in 2018. While their data and… ... Read More
IBM Partners With Boehringer Ingelheim to Test “Blockchain” in Clinical Recordkeeping -- 13 Feb 2019- [Hyperledger Fabric as a base is not a true Blockchain infrastructure] The Canadian unit of American tech giant IBM has partnered with pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim to deploy "blockchain" in clinical recordkeeping, according to a press release published on Feb. 12. The cooperation between the two companies aims to test… ... Read More
Buterin-Proposed Constantinople Ethereum Feature Allegedly Introduces Attack Vector -- 13 Feb 2019- Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin has proposed a new smart contract creation function dubbed “Create2.” This function reportedly introduces a new attack vector to the platform, according to a post on the Ethereum developers forum Ethereum Magicians published on Feb. 8. According to a Medium post by software developer Tim… ... Read More
Oracle’s First Dozen Cloud “Blockchain” Applications Are Now Live -- 13 Feb 2019- [Hyperledger Fabric as a base is not a true Blockchain infrastructure] by Ian Allison Despite years of hype and chatter, enterprise "blockchain" deployments actually in production are few and far between. But according to Oracle, the list just got a little bigger. Announced Tuesday, the software giant now has up… ... Read More
Russia to Implement Blockchain Tech in University Exam for Education Quality Control -- 11 Feb 2019- The Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science, (Rosobrnadzor) will implement blockchain technology in the country’s main graduation examination, major Russian news agency TASS reports Feb. 5. Starting this year, Rosobrnadzor intends to implement blockchain technology in the Unified State Exam (USE), which is the… ... Read More
The Emergence of Blockchain Technology: a New Paradigm For Self-Sovereign Digital Identity -- 11 Feb 2019- According to the latest estimates, we generate around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. That's 2.5 followed by 17 zeros — or rather 2.5 trillion million — a number that's impossible to visualize intuitively, but nonetheless has massive implications for our privacy online, our security and our ability to keep… ... Read More
Das sind die häufigsten Deal Breaker mit VCs -- 11 Feb 2019- by Jan Schnedler - 08 FEB 2019 Im schlimmsten Fall kann einer dieser Punkte ausreichen, damit ein Investor sich gegen die Finanzierung eines Startups entscheidet. Werden mehrere dieser Punkte erfüllt, wird es für Startups bei professionellen Investoren sehr schwer, eine Finanzierung zu erhalten. In meiner langjährigen Startup-Beratung haben sich einige… ... Read More



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