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“B.S. Bingo”: Hilarious ‘Investor’ Promo Video of McAfee’s MGT Bitcoin Mining Operations -- 10 Nov 2018 - I have rarely laughed that hard! [UPDATED 12 NOV 2018 with GMO Data - scroll down] 7,000 Bitmain Antminers makes it "one of the largest" Bitcoin Mining facilities? That makes it at best 98 PetaHash/sec total -- in a global network averaging 50 ExaHash/sec = less than 1/500th of the ... Read More
Early Trading Shows Clear Preference In Divide Over Bitcoin Cash Fork -- 09 Nov 2018 - Bitcoin copies overview (to grow)   An experimental market on a major crypto exchange suggests that bitcoin cash users may favor the more established version of the software, Bitcoin ABC, ahead of an expected fork this month. Due to the technical design of the cryptocurrency, currently the fourth-largest by market ... Read More
Mining Giant Bitmain Hurries to Deploy 90,000 S9 Antminers Ahead of Nov 15th Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork -- 09 Nov 2018 - I wonder: who of the 99.9% not following Bitcoin news closely still understands the various splits and forks of its 1,500+ copies?   Ahead of the imminent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, mining giant Bitmain has rushed to deploy around 90,000 Antminer S9 machines to the western Chinese region of ... Read More
How does Ethereum’s “Gas” actually work? -- 08 Nov 2018 - "Gas" is the name for a special unit used in the Ethereum network. There are so many terms and technology discussions about this "DLT" platform, while it is eveolving, that this overview might help shed some light onto one of them. It measures how much "work" an action or set ... Read More
Ethereum ‘Plasma’ Scaling Solution Stalls – Now Hoping for zCash ‘SNARKs’ -- 08 Nov 2018 - casper FFG or TFG, plasma/plapps, snarks/snapps, serenity/chasper ... Ethereum developer individuals are fighting for their own creations, respectively. Building developer consensus is still far out.   Efforts to scale ethereum, the world's second-largest blockchain, are growing more varied as one much-anticipated solution encounters pitfalls amid its continued development. At the ... Read More
Retaining Amid Fierce Competition For Blockchain Talent: Coinbase Offers $5,000 Fertility Benefit -- 08 Nov 2018 - The benefit puts Coinbase in an elite category of employers with Google, Apple, and Facebook, which also offer egg-freezing benefits.   Silicon Valley cryptocurrency unicorn Coinbase has taken an unusual and expensive step to recruit and retain diverse employees. Since March 2018, Coinbase has quietly offered to cover up to $5,000 a ... Read More
Companies Withdraw ‘Blockchain’ In Favor Of ‘DLT’ Due to Hype Around Technology -- 08 Nov 2018 - The hype around blockchain technology has caused some companies to stop using the word “blockchain” in favor of “DLT”.   A new report from Forrester Research states that some companies are stopping to use the term “blockchain” because they think it is overhyped, business magazine Fortune reported Nov. 6. In ... Read More
Chinese Mining Pool BTCC Closes Indefinitely On NOV 30th -- 08 Nov 2018 - It is a small pool these days: does not even show in hashrate distribution; last maintained 2.5% of the hashrate in NOV 2017, in JUL 2016 it had a 13% hashrate cut (see charts below).   BTCC Pool, the mining operation of Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange BTCC, will close “indefinitely” ... Read More
China: Bitcoin Mining Behemoth Bitmain Releases New 7nm Antminer Hardware -- 08 Nov 2018 - Finally also on 7nm.   Bitcoin (BTC) mining giant Bitmain has officially released two new 7nm (nanometer)  “Antminer” crypto mining machines, according to an official tweet posted Nov. 5. Bitmain indicated in September that it would be equipping its new Antminer models with next-generation Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips. ASIC ... Read More
Russian/Georgian Success: Mining Hardware Maker Bitfury Raises $80 Million in Closed Funding Round -- 08 Nov 2018 - Obscure capital from obscure sources?   Bitcoin mining infrastructure provider Bitfury has raised $80 million in a closed funding round, the company revealed in a press release shared with Cointelegraph Nov. 6. The round, which comes weeks after rumors Bitfury was considering an IPO, was led by European venture capital ... Read More
IBM Patents Blockchain System to Create ‘Trust’ Between AR Game Players, Real World Locations -- 08 Nov 2018 - IBM has applied for blockchain patent aiming to deter augmented reality game players from intruding on undesirable locations   Major global tech giant IBM has applied for another blockchain patent, this time aiming to deter augmented reality (AR) game players from intruding on undesirable locations. The tech firm’s latest patent ... Read More
2018 Ranking: Top 5 Cities To Startup In Europe According To Founders -- 08 Nov 2018 - Berlin is appreciated for its startup ecosystem as it receives 91% approval rate from its followers on this feature. For founders from Central Eastern Europe (54%) and Western Europe (42%), Berlin remains the most desired place to startup.   Since 2016, Startup Heatmap Europe has asked over 3000 founders, startup ... Read More
There’s a New Plan to Build the Hardware for Ethereum 2.0: “Beacon Chain” -- 03 Nov 2018 - Photo of Justin Drake   The Ethereum Foundation is funding efforts to create specializing mining hardware in partnership with blockchain data storage network Filecoin. Announced Thursday at Devcon, the annual gathering of developers in Prague, Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake unveiled preliminary designs for application-specific integrated circuits, or ASICs, that will ... Read More
Trend of Global Crypto Mining: Despite the US-China Trade War, Breakeven Cost of Bitcoin Mining at $8,000, Activity Surges as Samsung and GMO Enter -- 03 Nov 2018 - Throughout 2018, the cryptocurrency market experienced the fourth worst correction in its nine-year history, as Bitcoin lost more than 69 percent of the value from its all-time high of $19,500. Despite the substantial decline in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), which heavily affects the earnings of miners, the hash power ... Read More
CryptoKitties Developer Receives $15 Mln in Financing Round Led by Rockefeller Venture Arm -- 03 Nov 2018 - Dapper Labs, developer of the world’s most used blockchain app CryptoKitties, has received $15 million in another financing round, global news agency PR Newswire reported on Nov. 1. The new funding will help the Canada-founded Dapper Labs to expand it services on a local and global scale, as well as ... Read More
Berlin Science Week & Helmholtz Horizons Symposium 1. to 10. NOV 2018 -- 29 Oct 2018 - Ab dem 1. November findet für 10 Tage die Berlin Science Week vom 1.11. bis 10.11. statt: "BERLIN SCIENCE WEEK 1-10 NOV 2018 is an international gathering, bringing together people from the world’s most innovative scientific institutions in Berlin. It is dedicated to the dialogue between science and society to ... Read More
November 2008 to 2018: 10 Years of Bitcoin -- 25 Oct 2018 - A shop in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv shows a visual representation of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin, now 10 years-old October 31, 2008 marked the birth of bitcoin. Ten years on, the world's first cryptocurrency is at the forefront of a complex financial system viewed warily by markets and ... Read More
3 Benefits of Hiring an ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ -- 22 Oct 2018 - (I was asked how an "Entrepreneur-in-Residence" is defined - and struggling to find a good catch-all explanation, I looked it up) 3 Benefits of Hiring an 'Entrepreneur-in-Residence' For most companies, having a CEO who's forced to constantly divide his or her attention is a surefire way to kill ... Read More
The Blockchain Party is Over: And Vultures Are Circling To Tokenize The World -- 22 Oct 2018 - It’s been a wild ride. The boat cruises. Lavish events. Lambo memes. Champagne on the beach. Conferences across Asia, Europe, Dubai, and the Caribbean. The abundant private VIP dinners and posh after parties sponsored by some hot new ICO. On and on and on. Now the blockchain party is over. ... Read More
1st Crypto Bank In Germany: For Everyday Banking In Both Traditional FIAT And Crypto Bitcoin Worlds -- 21 Oct 2018 - Bitwala and solarisBank are teaming up to launch Germany's first cryptocurrency bank account. Bitwala, which began life as a hub for worldwide money transfers using blockchain technology, picked up EUR4 million in funding last month to open up the new cryptobank, which incorporates a built-in bitcoin wallet alongside regular FIAT-based ... Read More
Report: North Korea-Sponsored Lazarus Hacks Comprise 65 Percent = $571 Million of Total Crypto Stolen Since Early 2017 -- 20 Oct 2018 - Hacker group “Lazarus,” reportedly funded by North Korea, has stolen a staggering $571 million in cryptocurrencies since early 2017, a study conducted by cybercrime company Group-IB reveals. Key takeaways from the study were published Tuesday, Oct. 16, alongside the full annual report, entitled “Hi-Tech Crime Trends.” The report, dedicated to ... Read More
After TSMC, Now Samsung Has Begun Its New 7nm ASIC Production Process -- 19 Oct 2018 - Samsung’s production wing, Samsung Foundry, has launched a new production process of its 7-nanometer (nm) Low Power Plus (7LPP) process node, which could reduce its energy consumption by up to 50 percent, according to an official press release Oct. 18. The new process, based on extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology, ... Read More
$194 Million was Moved Using Bitcoin With $0.1 Fee: The True Potential of Crypto (Banks: $10,000+ Fee) -- 17 Oct 2018 - On October 16, a Bitcoin user moved 29,999 BTC worth $194 million with a $0.1 fee, a transaction which with banks would cost tens of thousands of dollars. An often pushed narrative against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is that it is expensive to clear transactions due to fees sent ... Read More
The European Blockchain Partnership Finds Europe Getting Serious About Distributed Ledger Technology -- 14 Oct 2018 - Here’s why the European Blockchain Partnership is a big step towards widespread blockchain adoption: European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) to become an international "gold standard" for large-scale DLTs.   On April 10, 2018, 21 EU member states and Norway signed up to create the European Blockchain Partnership. Including the UK, ... Read More
Bitcoin’s Time Locks -- 12 Oct 2018 - Bitcoin, having no discernible faults, comes equipped with several different time locks. These tools allow you to specify time-based conditions under which transactions are valid. Using time locks you make a transaction now that pays someone next week, add a mandatory waiting period for coin movements, set up complex smart ... Read More



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