dDoS Video

The 12-minute Melior Inc. product demonstration video made in 2003:

Clicking this link will download the 156 MB video file:

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Note the clever disguise coding we (i.e. employee Evan Langlois) programmed for the Demo Server: making it look like running “Micro$oft IIS / 4.0” on a “Commodore 64” platform – at 3:15 ff – in this video … both of which we wouldn’t have touched even for money.

… you have no idea on how low a budget this Commercial / Demo was made, edited, and distributed since 2003 (usually costs at least $50k+ to make):

  • Sadly, due to the low production budget, the audio track turned out to be slightly off-key …
  • All footage shot during one weekend in March 2003
  • With professional Camera & Capture equipment insured for over $50,000
  • With a video / camera crew usually producing adult video material in Russia (sic!)
  • Total actual cost: $515 in equipment rentals from Dallas-based MP&E and a lot of favors called in
  • Footage edited and cut during two weeks after taping
  • The FIRST copy (on VHS video tape, fresh out of final production) was hand-carried by me to top-secret-clearance-required offices of COACT Inc. – i.e. the NSA – in Columbia, Maryland, USA; for a meeting I had anyway – during which Melior Inc. became a full member of the DoD / NSA Security Proof Of Concept Keystone (SPOCK) program (COTS Evaluation PDF, Meeting notes, SPOCK demo slide deck) alongside the big defense companies (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Leidos, General Dynamics, BAE, etc etc) and tech companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, etc.
  • Distributed on 300 custom-made DVD’s, mailed to all top Venture Capitalists
    (total cost: $1,100 for DVD production and printing, plus postage to mail)
  • Distributed on 1,748 F.I.R.E. CD’s shipped throughout the World
  • Distributed digitally for download via the Internet ~780,000 times
  • Locations:
    • “The Planet” Data Center in Dallas (since 2010 an IBM / SoftLayer site) – Melior, Inc. CyberWarfare Defense was their first and only major customer for a long while after the data centre opened: thus our single cage on the large data center floor as shown in the video
    • Roof-Top of a local TV Station in Dallas, Texas, with a view of Downtown and Reunion Tower (we blew the fuse of the elevator, when we filmed the footage well after midnight; so all equipment had to be carried up and down manually)
  • Professional Credit goes to Kevin Hurley (his company today) and his Team – and of course to the rest of the original Melior early Core Team seen in this video: Matt Gair, Christopher Brice Turner, Evan Langlois, and Josh Goldman

My personal part, besides orchestrating the whole thing:

  • was done last – at 3 AM on Sunday morning
  • unscripted (!) – we were all too tired to make it 110% perfect

Read the whole story in this section.

P.S.: as of this latest tidbit update in March 2017 (and March 2024), all of the original production models from first prototypes to last production models still exist – some still (!) working at former trial customer sites.