dDoS Video

The 12-minute Melior Inc. product demonstration video made in 2003:

Clicking this link will download the 156 MB video file:



Note the clever disguise coding we (i.e. employee Evan Langlois) programmed for the Demo Server: making it look like running “Micro$oft IIS / 4.0” on a “Commodore 64” platform – at 3:15 ff – in this video … both of which we wouldn’t have touched even for money.

… you have no idea on how low a budget this Commercial / Demo was made, edited, and distributed since 2003 (usually costs $50k plus to make):

  • All footage shot during one weekend in March 2003
  • With professional Camera & Capture equipment insured for over $50,000
  • With a video / camera crew usually producing adult material in Russia
  • Total actual cost: $515 in equipment rentals from Dallas-based MP&E and a lot of favours called in
  • Footage edited and cut during two weeks after taping
  • The FIRST copy (on VHS video tape, fresh out of final production) was hand-carried by me to top-secret-clearance-required offices of COACT Inc. – i.e. the NSA – in Columbia, Maryland, USA; for a meeting I had anyway – during which Melior Inc. became a full member of the DoD / NSA Security Proof Of Concept Keystone (SPOCK) program
  • Distributed on 300 custom-made DVD’s, mailed to all top Venture Capitalists
    (total cost: $1,100 for DVD production and printing, plus postage to mail)
  • Distributed on 1,748 F.I.R.E. CD’s shipped throughout the World
  • Distributed digitally via the Internet ~780,000 times (… and still counting)
  • Locations:
    • “The Planet” Data Centre in Dallas (since 2010 an IBM / SoftLayer site) – Melior, Inc. CyberWarfare Defense was their first and only major customer for a long while after the data centre opened
    • Roof-Top of a local TV Station in Dallas, Texas, with a view of Downtown and Reunion Tower (we blew the fuse of the elevator, when we filmed the footage well after midnight; so all equipment had to be carried up and down manually)
  • Professional Credit goes to Kevin Hurley (his company today) and his Team – and of course to the rest of the original Melior Early Core Team seen in this video: Matt Gair, Christopher Brice Turner, Evan Langlois, and Josh Goldman

My personal part, besides orchestrating the whole thing:

  • was done last – at 3 AM on Sunday morning
  • unscripted (!) – we were all too tired to make it 110% perfect

Read the whole story in this section.

P.S.: as of this latest tidbit update in March 2017, all of the original production models from first prototypes to last production models still exist – some still (!) working at former trial customer sites.