Curriculum Vitae


  • Technology Director – Innovation Screening & Auditing – 5/2020 to present
    Berlin Metropolitan Area, Germany
    A non-profit network in the European Cybersecurity sector.
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – 9/2019 to present
    Blockchain Industries
    Berlin Metropolitan Area, Germany
    “The Truth Machine – Humans optional.” We deliver the original Blockchain promise.
  • Head of Strategy – 6/2018 to present
    HyperWarfare Inc
    Houston, Texas USA
    Winning 21st Century CyberSpace Conflicts.
  • Consultant to Governments & Military – 6/2018 to present
    HyperWarfare EU
    Berlin Germany
    Defending against 21st Century Conflicts.
  • Head of Deep Tech & Business – 3/2019 to 8/2019
    Biolab Innovation GmbH
    Berlin, Germany
    Moonshot Factory in the Connected Health Industry.
  • Chief Science Officer (CSO) – 1/2018 to present
    Blockchain BGP Inc
    Houston, Texas USA
    Industrial Blockchain Network Infrastructure
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – 1/2018 to 2/2019
    Blockwart Inc
    Houston, Texas USA
    Infrastructure Monitor & Administration for Private and Public Industrial Blockchain Operations
  • Entrepreneur in Residence @ Bundeswehr – 5/2017 to 10/2018
    Cyber and Information Space Command (KdoCIR)
    Cyber Innovation Hub (CIH)
    Cyber Information Technology (CIT, CITquadrat)
    Cyber Agency (ADIC)
    Bundeswehr / German Armed Forces at BMVg (DoD), Berlin, Germany
    Shaping defenses against current and future cyber threats.
  • Head of Technology – 6/2017 to present
    Quantum Blocks Inc
    Berlin Germany
    Fusion of Quantum Computing and Blockchain Tech: “letting Schrödinger’s cat play with blocks“.
  • Contributing Member – 5/2017 to present
    Crypto Valley Association
    Zug / Zurich Area, Switzerland
    Fostering cryptography innovation.
  • Contributor – 5/2016 to present
    San Francisco, California USA
    Linux Foundation Project to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – 4/2017 to present
    MetaBlockchains Inc
    Houston, Texas USA
    Private & Public Blockchain Integration.
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – 1/2014 to 4/2017
    BlockChain Industries (BCI) – now a Reality Lease Co (RLC) Company, Delaware USA
    Dover, Delaware USA
    Invented Blockchain Infrastructure True Cloud Solutions and PoW Hardware (Supercomputers)
    Hashing-As-A-Service (HaaS), Crypto-As-A-Service (CaaS), Proof-of-Work-As-A-Service (PoWaaS)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – 11/2012 to 11/2013
    Erasys GmbH
    Berlin, Germany
    Revamp of Niche Social Media Platform – Amsterdam & Berlin
  • Think Tank Member – 10/2008 to present
    RLC CyberDefense Innovation Technologies
    Dover, Delaware USA
    Combining relevant technologies to succeed in
    CyberWarfare, ExoWarfare, HyperWarfare, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing
  • Interview Process for A5 Position in NATO Chief Strategy Management – 6/2008 and 9/2008
    NATO C3 / CyberDefense
    Brussels, Belgium
    CyberWarfare Strategy
  • CEO and Chairman of the Board – 11/2001 to 9/2008
    Melior, Inc. CyberWarfare Defense
    Dover, Delaware and Dallas, Texas USA
    Working Solutions Against Distributed Denial-Of-Service Attacks
  • Assistant Director Technical Services – 5/2001 to 10/2001
    Turner Construction
    Dallas, Texas
    Contract to run IT Dept of $7bn Construction Company, and $7bn Insurance Company
  • Vice President of Operations – 8/2000 to 12/2000
    CashEdge, Inc
    Milpitas, California USA and 2 locations in Chennai, India
    Built First US Inter-Banking Funds Transfer System for Consumers and Businesses
  • Chief Internet Architect (CIA) – 4/2000 to 5/2000
    Director of Operations & I.T. – 9/1999 to 4/2000
    Internet Barter Inc. (BarterTrust)
    San Francisco, California 94107 USA
    Built Global Barter Company With 3-Way Trade Using Virtual Currency
  • Director of Computing – 5/1999 to 8/1999
    Affiliation Networks, Inc. / Snowball, Inc.:
    San Francisco, California USA
    Built Content Aggregator IGN
  • Acting General Manager – 1/1999 to 4/1999
    Director Systems and Network Operations – 11/1998 to 1/1999
    The California GLOBIX Corporation
    Santa Clara, California USA
    Built 1st Carrier-Neutral Data Center In The Heart Of Silicon Valley for $20m
  • Principal Consultant and President – active consulting 5/1998 to 11/1998
    Client: Bank of America, Walnut Creek, CA
    Client: MedWeb Telemedicine / Remote Radiology, San Francisco, CA
    Client: Brigade Solutions, San Francisco, CA and Chennai, India
    Melior Inc.
    Antioch, California USA
    Provided Global Internet Infrastructure Designs, Services, And Implementations.
  • Technical Advisor – 2/1998 to 4/1998
    CyberStar, A Loral Space and Communications Company
    Mountain View, California USA
    Consulted Fortune 50 Companies On Data Broadcast Via Satellites
  • IT Systems and Network Architect – 9/1995 to 1/1998
    Manager IT Operations and Support – 1/1995 to 9/1995
    Macromedia, Inc.
    San Francisco, California USA
    Built Infrastructure For The Launch Of The 1st Web Animation
    Built And Ran IT Dept Globally
  • Senior Systems Engineer – 4/1994 to 12/1994
    Client: Disney
    Client: City of Burbank
    Client: Prudential Health Care
    Client: Eastman Kodak
    Data Systems West (DSW)
    Woodland Hills / Los Angeles, California USA
    Consulted And Supported Novell & Unix Solutions, Communications, Internet
  • Principal Consultant and President – 1/1987 to 4/1994
    Client: Alpmann & Schmidt, Münster, Germany
    Client: Hagenhoff National Freight, Münster, Germany
    Client: Software C.I.T.Y. MailOrder, Münster, Germany
    Client: DMI X-Ray Digitalization, Münster-Roxel, Germany
    Local ISP

    Münster, Germany and Los Angeles, California USA
    1st Internet ISP In Town; Consulted For, And Sold Unix & Novell Solutions