HyperWarfare Inc

High-Level CV Overview

Head of Strategy
and Consultant to Governments & Military

June 2018 to March 2023

HyperWarfare, Inc. – HyperWarfare.com
Houston, Texas USA

HyperWarfare EU – HyperWarfare.eu
Berlin, Germany


Main Focus:

“Kinetic and Cyber Conflicts are won on the Battlefields.
The War is won in the Minds.”

— TJ, when founding ExoWarfare (precursor to HyperWarfare), in OCT 2008

HyperWarfare = Individualized Automatic Warfare in the Cognitive Domain.
Adopting ‘group-targeting’ ExoWarfare technologies to new resources to hyper-scale for ‘individual-targeting’: HyperWarfare.
Defending against / Winning 21st Century CyberSpace and Societal Conflicts.

Warfare in the Cognitive Domain is what RLC (the parent company of HyperWarfare Inc) has been doing since 2008, starting with ExoWarfare.

Now taking the pioneering ExoWarfare technology to a new performance level with HyperWarfare, thus allowing much more granular automatic focus; the mission of ExoWarfare (began in 2008): Building a better understanding of the interactions between the “real world” and the “cyber world” we experience with the exploding invasion of technology on life, and the resulting perception of what is “real” and what is “perceived to be real” in the virtual world. Build tools and applications to take advantage of the cross-over between those two realms, from a highly secure infrastructure for the tools applications, to deploying “real” solutions in a variety of applications for the intelligence community, for businesses in different markets, media outlets, and social media engagements; to stress-test how far cyber perceptions can be taken and maintained from existing entities (small and large) with established history and expansive customer base in the real world to the virtual worlds – in a credible fashion.

In 2021, the Norfolk, Virginia, based NATO Innovation Hub defines Warfare in the Cognitive Domain as: “the very essence to seize control of places, groups, units, organizations, and nations, by targeting and affecting the brains of their personnel, civilian as well as military”.

Cognitive Warfare “embodies the idea of combat without fighting. Mastering the cognitive domain constitutes a new major stake indispensable to the generation of combat power.”

Spring 2020: first production deployment of HyperWarfare applications.


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C6ISR is an acronym used by the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. intelligence agencies, and the defense community, which stands for
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber-Defense, Combat-Systems (= C6)
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (= ISR).