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Initial Coin Offerings

Cambrian Explosion” of disparate currencies
Most of these early blockchain innovators just took the original cryptocurrency’s source code, made their preferred changes, and launched their alternative versions as distinct cryptocurrencies; it was as if they’d modified the DNA of an existing species to create a new, reproductively isolated branch of the family tree.




Dilbert – 17 AUG 2018


Bitcoin Futures
 – 06 JUN 2018


Wallets – 16 APR 2018




Current Hashrate and Pool Overview:


“ZeroBlock” Android App for real-time BTC value and Blockchain Hashrate tracking:

This is a very old screenshot (obviously) – the hashrate is near 28 EH/s
and the Bitcoin value hovers around $9,000 – in March 2018.


Feel free to ask me about this:

PoW – many PoS: Watershed Moment


Snapshot View (published April 2018)




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