What is Bot Sentinel? Twitter Account Authentication Rating

Bot Sentinel is a free non-partisan platform developed to classify and track inauthentic accounts and toxic trolls. The platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to classify Twitter accounts, and then adds the accounts to a publicly available database that anyone can browse.

Accounts are rated based on a scoring system from 0% to 100%, the higher the score the more likely the account is engaging in nefarious activities. Bot Sentinel analyzes several hundred tweets per account, and the more someone engages in behavior that is violating Twitter rules, the higher their Bot Sentinel rating is.

Bot Sentinel doesn’t just classify bots, it was developed to classify several types of accounts including accounts operated by human beings.

Accounts that are classified as disruptive, often engage in malicious tweet activity. Some disruptive accounts harass other accounts and use offensive language. Disruptive accounts periodically share misinformation and can frequently spam hashtags. Inauthentic accounts and toxic trolls regularly receive a disruptive rating, so it is recommend you exhibit caution when interacting with disruptive accounts.

Accounts that are classified as problematic, often engage in dangerous tweet activity that can be harmful to others. Problematic accounts can frequently target other accounts and often use malicious tactics to harass their targets. Some problematic accounts amplify disinformation and regularly violate Twitter’s rules. The vast majority of inauthentic accounts and toxic trolls receive a problematic rating, and it is strongly recommend you avoid interacting with problematic accounts.

The name Bot Sentinel means autonomous guard. In other words, it uses a good “bot” to help identify and guard against inauthentic accounts and toxic trolls.


see: https://botsentinel.com/