Perseus Cyber Security

High-Level CV Overview

Head of Cyber Strategy and Cyber Operations
October 2021 to February 2023

Perseus Technologies GmbH –
Berlin, Germany




  • Developed Cyber Strategy & Business Plan to make the company profitable
  • Developed five short-term deliverable products with high gross-profit margins
  • Developed long-term cyber-industry-disruptive service to fulfill a yet unsatisfied global demand
  • Thus brought unique products and services to a 5-year “start-up”
  • Identified and hired key personnel for new, replicating distribution channels
  • Identified and hired a CISO and jump-started the ISO 27001 certification
  • Identified and hired several Cyber Security Operational Incident Response Specialists for IRM
  • Retained and padded existing IRM staff
  • Created a Technical Partner Network for service scalability
  • Helped closing deals with new German “Fortune 50” customers
  • … and a bunch of stuff which would make this a “tl;dr” piece :)

Inspiring others with ideas to revolutionize Cyber Security Risk Assessment
and Continuous Cyber Risk Scoring.

Historical / Cultural Background on the company name:

Perseus = The Good Guy (demigod, hero), Defender of the Earthly World
Medusa = Gorgon, refers to three sisters who are described as having hair made of living, venomous snakes and horrifying visages that turned those who beheld them to stone. Traditionally, two of the Gorgons, Stheno and Euryale, were immortal, but their sister Medusa was not and was slain by the demigod and hero Perseus.

Perfect analogy to perpetrators of cybercrime, intrusion, and other damaging, evil-minded activities: you cut off one head, and three grow back.