High-Level CV Overview

Vice President of Operations
August to December 2000

Cashedge Inc, Milpitas, California –
New York, NY
and two locations in Chennai, India

Cashedge’s main focus:
The first company to offer wholesale Internet money transfers and account aggregation between banking and investment institutions, using proprietary, Java-beans-based applications for account balance accumulation, consolidated balance preparation as well as Federal-Reserve-compliant ACH-based money transfers, and underlying risk-management modules.

My role:
Executed and implemented the company mission.

  • Built secure first-stage internet presence;
  • Planned second-stage, banking-grade secure internet site;
  • Primary technical contact for all customers:
    • Yahoo Finance,
    • Royal Bank of Canada (Toronto),
    • Banque Laurentienne (Montreal),
    • Lloyds of London,
    • ADP Payroll Processing and Credit Score Checks,
  • And potential customers (sales support):
    • Large global banks,
    • Investment funds,
    • Complimenting e-finance services
  • Managed several independent compliance security audits.
  • Hired, built and managed technical teams
  • Developed, staffed, and managed the Information Technology team;
  • Designed internet presence / routing platform suitable for global high-traffic aggregration traffic,
  • Designed, set up, and managed infrastructure and operations procedures for internal IT infrastructure including telecommunications, PBXs, customer service infrastructure and quality assurance teams to maintain offices in
    • Silicon Valley
    • New York
    • Chennai, India (two locations: customer support and software development)


2021 Update … the company has come a long way in the last 20 years (not necessarily positive):

“Many other emails poured in, including numerous “bounced” messages delivered in reply to missives from, a money transfer service that Fiserv acquired in 2011.”

A report by Brian Krebs

The messages were informing customers of CashEdge’s main service Popmoney — which lets users send, request and receive money directly from bank accounts — that Popmoney was being replaced with Zelle, a more modern bank-to-bank transfer service.

Each CashEdge missive included information about recurring transfers that were being canceled, such as the plan ID, send date, amount to be transferred, the name and last four digits of the account number the money was coming from, and the email address of the recipient account.

Incredibly, at the bottom of every message to CashEdge/Popmoney customers was a boilerplate text: “This email was sent to [recipient name here]. If you have received this email in error, please send an e-mail to”