High-Level CV Overview

Vice President of Operations
August to December 2000

Cashedge Inc, Milpitas, California –
New York, NY
and two locations in Chennai, India

Cashedge’s main focus:
The first company to offer wholesale Internet money transfers and account aggregation between banking and investment institutions, using proprietary, Java-beans-based applications for account balance accumulation, consolidated balance preparation as well as Federal-Reserve-compliant ACH-based money transfers, and underlying risk-management modules.

My role:
Executed and implemented the company mission.

  • Built secure first-stage internet presence;
  • Planned second-stage, banking-grade secure internet site;
  • Primary technical contact for all customers:
    • Yahoo Finance,
    • Royal Bank of Canada (Toronto),
    • Banque Laurentienne (Montreal),
    • Lloyds of London,
    • ADP Payroll Processing and Credit Score Checks,
  • And potential customers (sales support):
    • Large global banks,
    • Investment funds,
    • Complimenting e-finance services
  • Managed several independent compliance security audits.
  • Hired, built and managed technical teams
  • Developed, staffed, and managed the Information Technology team;
  • Designed internet presence / routing platform suitable for global high-traffic aggregration traffic,
  • Designed, set up, and managed infrastructure and operations procedures for internal IT infrastructure including telecommunications, PBXs, customer service infrastructure and quality assurance teams to maintain offices in
    • Silicon Valley
    • New York
    • Chennai, India (two locations: customer support and software development)


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