Creative Break

High-Level CV Overview

Creative Break: Reflection, Yearning, and Ambition
March 2023 to Present

Berlin, Germany; USA; Caribbean — and elsewhere





As all long- and short-term engagements have come to a good conclusion in the last months, I am currently taking a creative break to reflect on the Present and the Past, to determine my next steps … being typically at least 5 years ahead of my time.

Dilbert: Experts vs Entrepreneurs

I have done so many things with so many skill sets in so many different fields — from building Internet infrastructure to data centers in Silicon Valley to inventing a bunch of stuff doing so many ‘Firsts’ while creating highly profitable businesses in e-commerce, fintech, defense & cyber security, even quantum computing — on both sides of the Atlantic … now, while waiting for my 1st EU patent to be granted (July) and published (September), I am taking the time to figure out what my next big thing might be, to shape the world and to engage in, or what might just happen to pop up and jump at me :)



Inspiration to taking life more lightly: