High-Level CV Overview

Technical Advisor
February to April 1998

CyberStar, Inc. –
Mountain View, California

Subsidiary of Loral Corporation with infrastructure provided by Space Systems / Loral (SSL) (which had just previously sold – along with all of Loral’s Defense Business – for $10 bln to Lockheed Martin in 1996, creating a $30 bln – in 1996 dollars – defense giant; thus all my CyberStar company credit cards at the time were issued by LM. Acquisition: see January 1996 reports in the Washington Post, The New York Times, and in Fight Global).

CyberStar’s main focus:
As the First Global Broadcast Service Provider (BSP) and sister company to Loral’s satellite based phone service company, GlobalStar, start-up CyberStar provided multi-cast data delivery through conditional access capabilities via satellite technology. The company was initially funded with $100 million by Loral Corp (of which 99% were burned without much result by the time I joined).

My role, while flying almost daily to clients across the US:

  • Consulted potential clients on deployment of broadband data distribution via geo-synchronous satellite
  • Consulted Fortune 100 corporate clients and partners on how to build a business case and implement geo-synchronous satellite broadband distribution techniques to compliment existing terrestrial networks to manage the project to completion. Clients included:
    • IBM’s broadcast division in Santa Monica, Caliornia;
    • CompuCom in Dallas, Texas;
    • Start-up Zap-Me in San Ramon, California;
    • CNN’s Health Network;
    • VideoSite, New York;
    • Virtual Ventures, Hollywood, California;
    • Phillips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;
    • International Image, Santa Barbara, California;
    • Fantastic, Zurich, Switzerland;
    • … and many others
  • Presented concept at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show in Phoenix / Arizona
  • Presented concept at MicroAge in Phoenix, Arizona



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