High-Level CV Overview

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
January 2014 to April 2017

BlockChain Industries (BCI) Inc.
Berlin, Germany / Dover, DE
as of December 2016 a RLC, Delaware, USA, Corporation



BCI’s main focus:
Industrial Private & Public Blockchain Infrastructure based on own PoW Hardware (Modular Supercomputers).
Groundbreaking technologies and machine hardware for programmable (!) Bitcoin mining and massive scaling.

Turn-key, pay-as-you-go Infrastructure for Public and Private Blockchains:

  • Hashing-As-A-Service (HaaS)
  • Crypto-As-A-Service (CaaS)

Proof-of-Work capacities scaling from GigaHashes to Exahashes:

  • Proof-of-Work-As-A-Service (PoWaaS)

Goals – Phase I (to 12/2016):
By having by far the lowest hashing costs on own, inexpensive, scalable supercomputers based on 7nm ASICs, and a proprietary software to run, quickly become 80%-plus market leader for all Proof-of-Work based public and private Blockchains, with the short-term goal of renting hashing capacity to miners, and long-term profit from handling a very large number of  paid transactions in IoT, SmartContracts, ID Solutions, Autonomous Driving to Infrastructure communications, etc.

Phase II (from 12/2016):
Now being part of RLC in Delaware, USA: providing scalable, industrial PoW infrastructure for private and public Blockchain applications.

Contributions – to 12/2016:

  • Developed the business model and wrote the business plan, updated to changing market conditions
  • Developed most of the technical side of things (modular supercomputers), to achieve best efficiency and the ability to scale capacities massively into many ExaHashes; complete system architecture; software functionality design
  • Invented the technical solution to power Blockchain infrastructure while far exceeding 51% of the hashing capacity, without violating any safety rules for the ledger: in essence the technical ability and business case to be market leader with over 80% of all public PoW Blockchain infrastructure(s)
  • Autonomous System (BGP) planning and infrastructure design for best latency results globally, administrative ease, and thus lowest overhead cost
  • All presentations in front of investors and technical audiences
  • Main point of contact for all business- and technical information for the patent attorneys
  • Advise and report to other executives, board members, and investor representatives as needed
  • Manage all technical personnel (Dev+Ops)
  • Negotiate and coordinate with all production and development vendors, and operational business

Contributions – from 12/2016:

  • Virtualization of PoW Node & Miner Infrastructure for the use in private Blockchains
  • Interaction Design for Meta Blockchains combining multiple private and public Blockchains
  • Customizing machines and infrastructures for special-use applications (select large clients)


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