Regularly I deliver keynotes, talks, and similar on-stage appearances on a variety of topics, for small to large audiences.

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Lately this has been often about the Blockchain, Blockchain Infrastructure, forward hashing and the necessary machinery for it, and Distributed-Ledger related subjects. This includes considerations of Permissioned Ledgers, why you do not want them beyond trials in production, and the underlying issue of Proof-of-Work (Blockchain) vs Proof-of-Stake (its cheap, but much less secure) alternative.

I also speak often about Cyber Security, which options we have today to secure critical infrastructure, and which options we may have tomorrow, moving on from simple binary bits of zero’s and one’s to qubit Quantum Computing, and to new ways of cryptography – to make it very hard to achieve anything with cryptoanalysis.

Some Examples of Cyber Security Talks:

Military Cyber Security Considerations – 04 MAY 2018

Military Cyber Security Tech Talk at “Digital Future 2018 – Science Match” – 14 MAY 2018

“Blockchain in CyberSecurity” – 05 JUL 2021

Frequently I also cover Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, why both fairly old concepts suddenly have all the hype (I coded my first AI project in 1989), and why we need to teach decision-making robots and intelligent agents from tiny IoT devices to IBM’s Watson Kant’s categorical imperative.

Of course I cover occasionally more generic topics as well, such as

  • distributed Denial-of-Service (dDoS) attacks and the defense options against it (since I spent years in my own start-up to develop a working solution in the early 2000’s),
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP, v4) which makes Internet connectivity redundant,
  • DevOps – why you want it in most IT departments
  • … and many more (just ask)