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USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Dallas) and Europe (Berlin)

Serial Entrepreneur, CyberDefense & Blockchain Architect

CyberSecurity & Blockchain Consulting Workshops Talks & Panel Discussions Keynotes
Innovation Management • Special for EU/Germany: ‘Digitalisierungsberatung’
Military & Civilian Applications
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Thomas J. Ackermann, aka “TJ”, studied Law, Macro-Economics, and Economics at Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster/Westfalia, Germany; Criminal and Tort Law at William Howard Taft University in Orange County, California; and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in System Analysis.

He spent most of his professional career so far around Internet-centric start-ups, from being the first ISP in his hometown, founding his own start-up in Germany in the early days of the Internet, then moving to the US and Silicon Valley in 1994 for the disruptive Internet revolution, where he helped build several startup companies. Thomas also consulted and managed in Fortune 50 companies for the different working experience in those environments.

Among those, he built the global infrastructure for the first animation of the Internet (ShockWave/Flash), deployed the first content mirror sites for Macromedia in London and Tokyo, built the first SuperPOP (free carrier choice) data center in the heart of Silicon Valley (Globix), built the infrastructure for the first FinTech multi-bank money transfer system in the US through a web-based service (CashEdge), the first global bartering site with virtual currency (Bartertrust), and developed the first working defense against distributed Denial-of-Service (dDoS) attacks (Melior Inc CyberWarfare).

Building on the CyberWarfare success, he invented and built AI-based ThreadStream Logic Gate Computing, enabling ExoWarfare technology (ExoWarfare); early in the evolving Blockchain ledger technology, he designed and built industrial infrastructure and hardware to scale its applications into the mid- and long-term future (Blockchain Industries, MetaBlockchains, Blockchain BGP, Blockwart). Thomas is currently developing uses and algorithms for Quantum Computing in Blockchain (Quantum Blocks), as well as technology for conflict resolution in the 21st century (HyperWarfare, the successor technology of ExoWarfare). He is also writing and filing multiple patents in the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence fields, and developing executable business models in both areas, to address and benefit from the substantial changes both technologies will bring to the global economy.

His main interests (expertise) besides the Internet’s Redundant Infrastructure (BGP4) and Cyber Security are:

  • Blockchain Technology (since 2012)
  • Artificial Intelligence: ANI, AGI, ASI, LogicGate Computing (since 1989)
  • Quantum Computing (since 2015)
  • CyberWarfare (since 2001)
  • ExoWarfare (since 2008)
  • HyperWarfare (since 2018)
  • Innovation Management (since 1987)
  • Open-source Sovereign Cloud Stack (for old-world FLOP computing with the GAIA-X Foundation)

Thomas (a.k.a. “TJ”) handled and intregrated many companies through mergers and acquisitions to facilitate rapid growth (from well-funded startups such as Bartertrust buying every US-national barter company, as well as two Canadian and an Australian company — to as big as linking Bank of America and Nationsbank during their merger).

Thomas believes in mentoring and training young talent, has consulted many individuals and start-ups, and facilitated internships for members of his student fraternity KDStV Sauerlandia (Münster) and other educational institutions.

Contributing to Open Source efforts remains a passion for Thomas, such as the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger, and the Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland; as well as lending technical and strategic support to Law Enforcement for the prosecution of Cyber Crime in and across various jurisdictions (member of the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force Network, and FBI Infraguard, both 2002-2012; Operation WebSnare; NSA SPOCK Program; etc).

Thomas is listed in Berlin Start-Up People.

Thomas is one of the few people to ever personally own a Cray Super Computer, and loves to create new technologies and businesses.

See below the list of “Firsts” since 1987 accomplished by Thomas.


“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.“

“I met with Steve several times while working in Silicon Valley – not an easy person, but had good ideas and intellect — and the drive to make them happen.” — T.J. Ackermann


Done / participated in many technical “firsts”:

1st Internet Service Provider (ISP) in my hometown (Münster / Westfalia, 1987)
1st Artificial Intelligence Learning Software for Law Students (German ‘Sachenrecht’, 1989)
1st Loss-Less X-ray Digitalization (DMI, introduced at Medica 1990)
1st Animation on the Web – Macromedia ShockWave – became Flash, thus enabling YouTube  (1995)
1st Content-Mirror Website – Precursor for CDNs – Tokyo / Stockholm / London / San Francisco  (1995)
1st Content-Aggregation Website with 400+ contributors (IGN, 1998)
1st Link – T3 = 45 MBit/s – between Bank of America and Nationsbank on BofA Acquisition (1998)
1st Pick-Your-Carrier ‘Super-POP’ data center – built it in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara  (1999)
1st Global Barter solution with Crypto Currency (“Barter Dollar”, 2000)
1st Cross-Institution US Money Transfer via web service (2000)
1st Free Public WiFi Hotspotfeatured in WIRED magazine (USA) April 2003  (2001)
1st Long-range WiFi War-Driving Van8-mile scan across San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge  (2001)
1st On-the-spot WiFi Encryption Breaking via my own Cray CS6400 supercomputer (2002)
1st Working (!) Defense against distributed Denial-of-Service (dDoS) attacks (2004)
1st Digitization of Automotive “Brick & Mortar”, over 1.7m YouTube Views  (2009)
1st AI & Deep Learning: Fully Encrypted Real-Life-Cyber (RLC) ThreadStream LogicGates: ExoWarfare (2012)
1st Blockchain Supercomputers (MSEM) – Bitcoin Mining from PetaHash to ExaHash (2014, 2015)
1st Scalability Design for Blockchain Growth while lowering Transaction Cost (2016)
1st Technical Design & Business Case to exceed 51% of Blockchain PoW Infrastructure (2016)
1st Analysis of Quantum Computing on the Safety of PoW Blockchains (2017)
1st Virtualization of PoW Blockchain Infrastructure for Private Blockchains (2017)
1st Integration of Multiple Private & Public Blockchains (2017)
– 1st Design of a scalable Private PoW Military Blockchain on Secure Hardware (Bundeswehr, 2018)
– 1st Blockchain & AI Patent #1 filing – realm: fraud protection (June 2019)
1st Fully scalable, high transaction rate Industrial Scale Blockchain on Bitcoin PoW core (September 2019)


… also a huge fan of Dilbert! (



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