Biolab Innovation GmbH

Head of Deep Tech & Business
March to August 2019

Biolab Innovation GmbH
a Biotronik SE (pacemaker) company
Berlin, Germany



Moonshot Factory in the Connected Health Industry.

Patent: aside from many project ideas I developed here, I wrote the first of twelve planned patents: this one on Zero-Day Fraud Prevention in Blockchain-Based Transaction Systems, covering the recognition and intervention (intercept) of both mechanical (falsifications, alterations, double spending, etc) and content (illicit: such as darknet payments for illegal goods, and criminal: money laundering, ransomware payments, etc) fraud by way of artificial intelligence (using a reverse Generative Adversarial Neural Network – rGAN). Since 11 JUN 2019, the patent is in the filing process with the Biotronik Legal Dept.


Funded by Biotronic SE