Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Systems Analysis

  • H-1B Visa equivalency evaluation for the INS, 1994

Taft University, School of Law, Irvine / CA

  • Correspondence law student (1990)
  • First German to be approved by the California State Bar Association to be permitted for correspondence study for this program in special session (took two years! 1987 – 1989)

Westfalische Wilhelms Universitaet, Muenster / Germany:

  • Economy and Macro-Economy (1983-1984)
  • Law (1984-1989)

Management Trainee Course, Siegen and Nagold / Germany (1982-1983)

  • Practical part of trainee program in the Siegen (near Frankfurt) /Germany store
  • Formal part of trainee program at Landesfachschule fuer den Deutschen Textileinzelhandel
    (“State School for German Textile Trade”) at Nagold (near Stuttgart) / Germany

German Armed Forces Service (“Bundeswehr”) 1981 – 1982

  • Citizen’s 11-months duty service
    [honorable early discharge to be able to participate in management trainee course]
  • Boot camp as Medic (Hamm / Germany)
  • Served as the sole admin staff (Corporal) to the Doctor-General
    and staff of the 19 th Tank & Infantry Brigade (Ahlen / Germany)

Gymnasium Paulinum, Muenster / Germany (1972-1981)

  • German K-13 school model for university preparation
  • Oldest continuously teaching school in Europe (founded and educating since 797)
  • Volunteered as traffic guide (“Schülerlotse”)
  • Elected class president (of 42) and later speaker for the year (90-something) 1979 and 1980
  • Graduated with Degree “Abitur” (5/1981) permitting entry to any University in Germany

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