Cyber Command (KdoCIR)

High-Level CV Overview

CIR Logo

Entrepreneur in Residence
Cyber Command (KdoCIR) German Armed Forces – Bundeswehr
18 MAY 2017 – Present

Berlin, Germany  (BMVg – Cyber Partnerschaften)


Currently commanded to the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub (CIH) in Berlin.

Strategy & Rapid Innovation

  • Blockchain
  • Quantum Computing
  • CyberWarfare
  • ExoWarfare

Main Focus:
Accelerating innovation to our soldiers. See also: CIR Announcement APR 2017.

Rapid Innovation: creating strategies, planning & making near-term implementable products to put the strategies to work for the soldiers – “in-house” creation of innovation and its implemention with internal and external partners.
Engagement: scouting, piloting, and integration of innovative technologies to the German Armed Forces – evaluation of other peoples’ innovations.

Contributing to:

… and others.

The Bundeswehr is the first military in the world to add Cyber Warfare as a full 4th branch to the forces – parallel to Army (Heer), Navy (Marine), and Airforce (Luftwaffe) – similar to the US all-service Cyber Mission Force, which will reach official Full Operational Capability later in 2018, with 6,200 personnel.



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