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Breaking RSA with a Quantum Computer -- 04 Jan 2023 - 03 JAN 2023 A group of Chinese researchers have just published a paper claiming that they can—although they have not yet done so—break 2048-bit RSA. This is something to take seriously. It might not be correct, but it’s not obviously wrong. We have long known from Shor’s algorithm that factoring with a… ... Read More
Breakthrough: Realization of a Multinode Quantum Network of Remote Solid-State Qubits. -- 19 Apr 2021 - A three-node quantum network in The Netherlands: Future quantum networks will provide the means to develop truly secure communication channels and will have applications in many other quantum-based technologies. Pompili et al. present a three-node remote quantum network based on solid-state spin qubits (nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond) coupled by photons.… ... Read More
Rafael hopes quantum technology can help in GPS-denied environments -- 09 Dec 2020 - Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has been investing in quantum technology in the hopes that it will improve existing sensors on the battlefield and could lead to a solution for GPS-denied environments. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has been investing in quantum technology in the hopes that it will improve existing sensors… ... Read More
The new light-based, boson-sampling Chinese quantum computer Jiuzhang has achieved quantum supremacy -- 09 Dec 2020 - The quantum computer Jiuzhang manipulates light via a complex arrangement of optical devices (shown). A second type of quantum device performed a calculation impossible for a traditional computer. A new type of quantum computer has proven that it can reign supreme, too. A photonic quantum computer, which harnesses particles of… ... Read More
Braket: Amazon AWS brings Rigetti, Ionq, and Dwave Quantencomputer in the Cloud -- 21 Aug 2020 - Supraconducting / Iontraps / Annealing AWS hat mit Amazon Braket einen vollständig verwalteten Quantencomputer-Service vorgestellt. Der Dienst soll Forschern bei der Entwicklung von Quantenalgorithmen helfen. Auch Amazons Cloud-Sparte AWS bietet Kundinnen und Kunden jetzt eine Möglichkeit, in der Cloud mit Quantencomputern zu experimentieren. Über den neuen AWS-Dienst Amazon Braket erhalten… ... Read More
Information teleported between two computer chips for the first time: Quantum Entanglement -- 27 Dec 2019 - Researchers have managed to quantum teleport information between two computer chips for the first time Scientists at the University of Bristol and the Technical University of Denmark have achieved quantum teleportation between two computer chips for the first time. The team managed to send information from one chip to another… ... Read More
Google Quantum Breakthrough Could Improve Proof-of-Stake -- 24 Oct 2019 - [remember: these are curated news, not an endorsement of the content] The application of Google’s quantum computing technology could purportedly help improve the technology which underpins proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies. Quantum computing would create truly random numbers PoS is a type of consensus algorithm where block creators are randomly chosen with… ... Read More
Quantum Computing in Silicon: World First — Researchers Reveal Near 99% Accuracy of Two-Qubit Calculations -- 24 May 2019 - The UNSW Sydney research team: Professor Andrew Dzurak, Mr Wister Huang, Dr Henry Yang. Credit: UNSW Sydney   13 MAY 2019 For the first time ever, researchers have measured the fidelity—that is, the accuracy—of two-qubit logic operations in silicon, with highly promising results that will enable scaling up to a… ... Read More
Quantum Computing in Silicon: Precision Atom Qubits Achieve Major Milestone -- 24 May 2019 - Scientia Professor Michelle Simmons with a scanning tunnelling microscope. Credit: UNSW   07 Mar 2018 by Deborah Smith The unique Australian approach of creating quantum bits from precisely positioned individual atoms in silicon is reaping major rewards, with two of these atom qubits made to “talk” to each other for… ... Read More
Power Point presentations should be forbidden at meetings – tell a story instead -- 17 May 2019 - ethos, logos, and pathos the three key elements to persuade Jeff Bezos is prohibited from using Power Point presentations at meetings, as he considers them a waste of time. However, the alternative method by which he has replaced them is most useful and effective. Do you want to know what… ... Read More
Algorithm Improves D-Wave Quantum Annealer’s Ability To Solve Combinatorial Optimization Problems -- 11 Apr 2019 - Embedding on a special graph of the D-Wave 2000Q by solving a problem like a puzzle in our technique. Credit: Tohoku University Tohoku University researchers have developed an algorithm that enhances the ability of a Canadian-designed quantum computer to more efficiently find the best solution for complicated problems, according to… ... Read More
Scientists harness quantum computing to view alternative futures -- 11 Apr 2019 - Scientists have created a Back to the Future device that can predict alternative realities. In the time travel movie, starring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, the future is shown not to be fixed and unmovable, but a range of possibilities. Only one timeline in which McFly’s parents fall in… ... Read More
D-Wave announces its next-gen quantum computing platform: 5,000 qubits -- 27 Feb 2019 - D-Wave, the well-funded quantum computing company, today announced its next-gen quantum computing platform with 5,000 qubits, up from 2,000 in the company’s current system. The new platform will come to market in mid-2020. The company’s new so-called Pegasus topology connects every qubit to 15 other qubits, up from six in… ... Read More
Das sind die häufigsten Deal Breaker mit VCs -- 11 Feb 2019 - by Jan Schnedler - 08 FEB 2019 Im schlimmsten Fall kann einer dieser Punkte ausreichen, damit ein Investor sich gegen die Finanzierung eines Startups entscheidet. Werden mehrere dieser Punkte erfüllt, wird es für Startups bei professionellen Investoren sehr schwer, eine Finanzierung zu erhalten. In meiner langjährigen Startup-Beratung haben sich einige… ... Read More
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Technology to Secure Financial Data -- 21 Jan 2019 - Normal fiber optics can be easily physically tapped and massages can be intercepted. Intruders can bend the cable with a small clamp, then use a specialized piece of hardware to split the beam of light that carries digital ones and zeros through the line. The people communicating have no way… ... Read More
CES 2019: “Q System” – IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer -- 08 Jan 2019 -   At CES, IBM today announced its first commercial quantum computer for use outside of the lab. The 20-qubit system combines into a single package the quantum and classical computing parts it takes to use a machine like this for research and business applications. That package, the IBM Q system,… ... Read More
Mathematicians Seal Back Door to Breaking RSA Encryption -- 18 Dec 2018 - Digital security depends on the difficulty of factoring large numbers. A new proof shows why one method for breaking digital encryption won’t work. "... it’s nearly impossible to find polynomials of that length that can be factored" (*) (**) (*) 'nearly'   (**) with today's computers - not tomorrow's QC  … ... Read More
Ion-based Commercial Quantum Computer is a First -- 18 Dec 2018 - Linear computation: montage of a photo of the chip containing the trapped ions and an image of the ions in a 1D array (Courtesy: Christopher Monroe)   The first commercial quantum computer that uses trapped ions for quantum bits (qubits) has been launched by the US-based start-up IonQ. The device… ... Read More
Deepening Quantum Entanglement Understanding: Universal Quantum Phenomenon Found in Strange Metals -- 21 Nov 2018 - "Quantum phenomenon has been detected in a large class of superconducting materials, fueling a growing belief among physicists that an unknown organizing principle governs the collective behavior of particles and determines how they spread energy and information. Understanding this organizing principle could be a key into “quantum strangeness at its… ... Read More
Quantum Computing, Not AI, Will Define Our Future – It’s The 21st Century Space Race -- 20 Nov 2018 - IBM researcher Jerry Chow in the quantum computing lab at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center   by William ("Whurley") Hurley The word “quantum” gained currency in the late 20th century as a descriptor signifying something so significant it defied the use of common adjectives. For example, a “quantum leap” is a dramatic… ... Read More
Quantencomputer erobern die Künstliche Intelligenz -- 08 Nov 2018 -   Prozessor von D-Wave Systems mit 2000 Qubits (Bild: D-Wave Systems Inc.)   Die Superrechner sollen das Maschinelle Lernen massiv voranbringen. Pionier D-Wave will mit einem ersten Projekt zeigen, was möglich ist. Von Wolfgang Stieler, Robert Thielicke - 07 NOV 2018 Quantencomputer könnten ein großes Hindernis aktueller KI-Algorithmen beheben: Bisher sind… ... Read More
Nuclear Fusion: Billionaires Chase ‘SpaceX Moment’ for the Holy Grail of Energy -- 01 Nov 2018 - Paul Allen tours the ITER in Cadarache. Source: ITER   [Amazingly, the article fails to mention the Stellarator Fusion Reactor, fails to differentiate between tokamak -ITER and 9 others- and stellarator concepts, and also the fact that all ten of the global fusion research reactors are located in Europe.]  … ... Read More
Berlin Science Week & Helmholtz Horizons Symposium 1. to 10. NOV 2018 -- 29 Oct 2018 - Ab dem 1. November findet für 10 Tage die Berlin Science Week vom 1.11. bis 10.11. statt: "BERLIN SCIENCE WEEK 1-10 NOV 2018 is an international gathering, bringing together people from the world’s most innovative scientific institutions in Berlin. It is dedicated to the dialogue between science and society to… ... Read More
3 Benefits of Hiring an ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ -- 22 Oct 2018 - (I was asked how an "Entrepreneur-in-Residence" is defined - and struggling to find a good catch-all explanation, I looked it up)   Entrepreneur.com: 3 Benefits of Hiring an 'Entrepreneur-in-Residence' For most companies, having a CEO who's forced to constantly divide his or her attention is a surefire way to kill… ... Read More
NISQ: Why You Want To Start Worrying About Quantum Security Now -- 19 Oct 2018 - This Feb. 27, 2018, photo shows a seven cubit quantum device is seen at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. Describing the inner workings of a quantum computer isn’t easy, even for top scholars. That’s because the machines process information at the scale of elementary… ... Read More
Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) Technology -- 17 Oct 2018 - In a keynote speech given in late 2017, the physicist John Preskill coined the term Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) technology for the kinds of quantum computers that will be available in the next few years. Here, ‘noisy’ refers to the fact that the devices will be disturbed by what… ... Read More
D-Wave Annealing Quantum Computers Tackle Big Data With A ML Quantum Boltzmann Machine (Artificial Neural Network) -- 16 Oct 2018 - Every two seconds, sensors measuring the United States' electrical grid collect 3 petabytes of data – the equivalent of 3 million gigabytes. Data analysis on that scale is a challenge when crucial information is stored in an inaccessible database. But researchers at Purdue University are working on a solution, combining… ... Read More
Free D-Wave Quantum Computer Access: D-Wave Launches Leap, the First Real-Time Quantum Application Environment -- 10 Oct 2018 - Application developers and researchers get immediate, free access to a D-Wave 2000Q™quantum computer, comprehensive software tools, demos, live code, documentation, and community forums.   BURNABY, BC – (October 4, 2018) — D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in quantum computing systems and software, today announced the immediate availability of free, real-time access… ... Read More
‘The best piece of legislation’ in DC is about Quantum Computing -- 24 Jul 2018 - Congressman Will Hurd warned that Russia and China are sucking up encrypted communications in the hopes of retroactively reading them after they achieve encryption-breaking quantum computing capabilities. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)   A Texas congressman warned of the growing threat quantum computing presents if competitors such as Russia or China… ... Read More
“SDI” #2? Quantum Entanglement: Sorting Hype from Reality in China’s Quantum-Tech Quest -- 19 Jul 2018 - Could the “spooky action” of quantum technologies enable China to develop disruptive military capabilities – and perhaps achieve a strategic advantage? In its quest to offset U.S. techno-strategic advantages, China aspires to emerge as a “science and technology superpower” (科技强国) and leap ahead in quantum science through a new national megaproject. From… ... Read More
China breaks quantum entanglement record at 18 qubits -- 05 Jul 2018 - Physicists in China just broke a new record by achieving quantum entanglement with 18 qubits, surpassing the previous record of 10. This significant breakthrough puts us one big step closer to realizing large-scale quantum computing. It’s hard to find a stranger, more exotic phenomenon than quantum entanglement — the idea… ... Read More
US Quantum Computing is “sub-par” Says NSA Deputy Director George Barnes -- 03 Jul 2018 - This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew) Experts say that when quantum computers are fully operational, they will upend the use of password-protected systems, artificial intelligence and other areas of information technology. “Whoever achieves quantum first, everything they are doing and have been doing is irrelevant,” Rep. Will Hurd,… ... Read More
“Five Eyes” Nations aim to win the race for quantum computing supremacy -- 22 Jun 2018 - Since China started quantum computing research in 2004, it has invested over 30 times more than America in this revolutionary technology. In 2017 China announced that it was creating an $11 billion, 4 million-square-foot national quantum laboratory in the city of Hefei. This lab will accelerate China’s research into various… ... Read More
China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet -- 06 Jun 2018 - Results from the Micius satellite test quantum entanglement, pointing the way toward hack-proof global communications — and a new space race In a landmark study, a team of Chinese scientists using an experimental satellite has tested quantum entanglement over unprecedented distances, beaming entangled pairs of photons to three ground stations… ... Read More
A Startup (Rigetti Computing) Uses Quantum Computing to Boost Machine Learning -- 03 Jun 2018 - If it fulfills its promise, quantum machine learning could transform AI. A company in California just proved that an exotic and potentially game-changing kind of computer can be used to perform a common form of machine learning. The feat raises hopes that quantum computers, which exploit the logic-defying principles of… ... Read More
Fujitsu’s CMOS Digital Annealer Produces Quantum Computer Speeds -- 03 Jun 2018 - While quantum computer makers struggle to bring down costs, the Japanese computer giant has created a dedicated silicon chip to match quantum computer performance. Fujitsu has designed a new computer architecture running on silicon that the company claims rivals that of quantum computers in utility. Dubbed the Digital Annealer, Fujitsu… ... Read More
Cloud-based quantum computer takes on deuteron and wins -- 03 Jun 2018 - Optimized algorithms plus cloud-based quantum computers actually work. First it was the electron behavior in a hydrogen molecule, then beryllium dihydride joined the club. Now, quantum computers have been used to calculate some of the properties of an atomic nucleus: the deuterium nucleus to be precise. What we are witnessing are… ... Read More
Toshiba Examines Quantum Encryption -- 02 Jun 2018 - This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew) There are plenty of ways that companies and scientists are attempting to integrate the weird effects of quantum mechanics into everyday technology. One potential use is a whole new way of encrypting data, such that the encryption key can’t be broken by… ... Read More
How to Perfectly Boil an Egg Every Single Time, According to a Quantum Physicist -- 27 Mar 2018 - t = m * K * log(ywr * (Tegg - Twater)/(T - Twater)) MICHELLE STARR 27 MAR 2018 Boiling an egg to perfection sounds like the simplest cooking task in the world, but as anyone who's boiled an egg knows, you can get surprisingly mixed results. That's probably because you're… ... Read More
Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems: DARPA Is Researching Time Crystals – And The Reasons Are Classified -- 26 Mar 2018 - Non-Equilibrium Systems: Driven and Non-equilibrium Quantum Systems (DRINQS) ... the discovery of time crystals kicked off research into the existence of quantum systems that become more stable and coherent with the addition of a 'tick' from an external pulse. FIONA MACDONALD 26 MAR 2018 The US military likes to stay… ... Read More
USA Intelligence official: USA still leads in quantum computing … for now -- 16 Mar 2018 - Recent comments from the intelligence community indicate quantum computing could be one of the most important technology investments being made today, but the field has many worried about what might happen if others achieve it first. Quantum encryption, enabled by quantum computing, could have profound national security implications such as… ... Read More
Not A Gravitational Wormhole And Not For Matter, But Still Breakthrough Magnetic Warmhole Technology -- 11 Mar 2018 - A Magnetic 'Wormhole' That Connects Two Regions of Space Was Created in The Lab   FIONA MACDONALD 10 MAR 2018   Back in 2015, researchers in Spain created a tiny magnetic wormhole for the first time ever. They used it to connect two regions of space so that a magnetic… ... Read More
Quantum Supremacy? Bristlecone: Google Introduces 72 Qubit Qantum Computing Chip -- 09 Mar 2018 - "The demonstration of a quantum processor outperforming a supercomputer would be a watershed moment." QUANTUM UPGRADE  Google’s 72-qubit quantum chip could become the first to perform a calculation impossible for traditional computers.   Google Just Unveiled The World's Most Advanced Quantum Processor by Far 72 qubits! 72 qubits! BRAD JONES,… ... Read More
Quantum Theory Bends The Limits of Physics: Showing Two-Way Signaling May Be Possible -- 04 Mar 2018 - "Sometimes you overlook a cool idea, and then it's just literally right in front of your nose" DAVID NIELD 3 MAR 2018 Quantum physics just beat classical physics again. A single quantum particle can send a two-way signal, scientists have discovered - something that's impossible in classical physics. That means… ... Read More
Are Practical Quantum Computers Coming in 2018? -- 07 Feb 2018 - February 5, 2018 John Hawthorne wrote an interesting article on Quantum Computing - you can find it here: http://www.iqsdirectory.com/blog/are-practical-quantum-computers-coming-in-2018/     The article also makes a reference to this WIRED article, another good intro to Quantum Computing: Inside the weird world of quantum computers WIRED explains why we need quantum… ... Read More
Quantum Chemistry Solves The Question of Why Life Needs So Many Amino Acids -- 03 Feb 2018 - A flexible approach to life. DAVID NIELD 3 FEB 2018 One of the oldest and most fundamental questions in biochemistry is why the 20 amino acids that support life are all needed, when the original core of 13 would do – and quantum chemistry might have just provided us with… ... Read More
The Quantum Spy Author David Ignatius on the Future of High-Tech Espionage -- 16 Jan 2018 - The intersection of quantum computing and espionage may feel like a faraway future. But in his latest novel, David Ignatius, Washington’s own John le Carré, tackles just that. The Quantum Spy, out now, revolves around a central theme of spy literature: the race for a new technology, to discover something… ... Read More
Physicists Just Discovered a Way to Track Unobserved Quantum Particles -- 25 Dec 2017 - This new way to track unobserved quantum particles could allow scientists to test old predictions in quantum mechanics. These include ideas like that a particle can exist in two places at the same time, or suggestions like telepathy in which information can be transmitted between two people without any particles… ... Read More
Researchers Reveal First-Ever Complete Quantum Chip Architecture -- 16 Dec 2017 - Researchers at the University of New South Wales have revealed an architectural structure that solves some of the stability issues that are facing quantum computing scientists, according to a recent report. The new architecture, which the report compared in significance to landing a man on the Moon, utilizes currently available… ... Read More
Hyperaware Machines: Will AI Ever Become Conscious, And How Would We Know if It Did? -- 11 Dec 2017 - 11 DEC 2017 Forget about today's modest incremental advances in artificial intelligence, such as the increasing abilities of cars to drive themselves. Waiting in the wings might be a groundbreaking development: a machine that is aware of itself and its surroundings, and that could take in and process massive amounts… ... Read More
Physicists Just Transferred Quantum Data Between Different Materials For The First Time -- 09 Dec 2017 - A critical step to quantum internet. 8 DEC 2017 Scientists just took a big step towards the goal of quantum computers, and even a quantum internet to connect them, after successfully using photons to transfer quantum information between a cold atomic gas and a solid crystal. Passing data between these… ... Read More
D-Wave Makes Quantum Leap with Reverse Annealing -- 21 Nov 2017 - The art and science of quantum annealing to arrive at a best of all worlds answer to difficult questions has been well understood for years (even if implementing it as a computational device took time). But that area is now being turned on its head—all for the sake of achieving… ... Read More
IBM managed to maintain the quantum state for both systems for a total of 90 microseconds. -- 15 Nov 2017 - IBM Just Announced an Insanely Powerful 50-Qubit Quantum Computer Along with even more quantum computing records. DOM GALEON, FUTURISM 11 NOV 2017 At the IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing in Washington DC on Friday, IBM announced the development of a quantum computer capable of handling 50 qubits… ... Read More
Intel created a superconducting test chip for quantum computing not running at zero kelvin -- 15 Nov 2017 - Quantum computing is the next big technological revolution, and it's coming sooner than you might think. IBM unveiled its own quantum processor this past May, scientists have been experimenting with silicon-laced diamonds (and basic silicon, too) as a quantum computing substrate, Google is already looking at cloud-based solutions and Microsoft… ... Read More