High-Level CV Overview

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
October 2008 — October 2012

ExoWarfare Inc.
a Delaware Corporation



Main Focus:

Warfare in the Cognitive Domain: Group Targeting
Pioneering work for early automated social media influencing: concept, technologies, productization, deployment.

ExoWarfare – Development of ThreadStream LogicGate Computing (LGC):
Deep (ML) Learning, Neural Networks, AI for IRL/Cyber Crossover Application Methods


Building a better understanding of the interactions between the “real world” and the “cyber world” we experience with the exploding invasion of technology on life, and the resulting perception of what is “real” and what is “perceived to be real” in the virtual world. Build tools and applications to take advantage of the cross-over between those two realms, from a highly secure infrastructure for the tools applications, to deploying “real” solutions in a variety of applications for the intelligence community, for businesses in different markets, media outlets, and social media engagements; to stress-test how far cyber perceptions can be taken and maintained from existing entities (small and large) with established history and expansive customer base in the real world to the virtual worlds – in a credible fashion.

My role:
Develop concepts and implement solutions from initial sketch creativity to full production operations.


  • Successful Demo & Use “Exo Tech” Digital Twin scenarios from planning to full operations:
    • “Virtual Credibility” by “Transparency & Openness” – built a variety of other cyber presences (websites) including embedding leads generated online in the actual businesses (see all of the sites shown on LiamKeiranCooper Ltd under “Portfolio”). In-Depth SocialMedia adaption to drive traffic and business using Facebook, Twitter, and the like to expand the “touch & feel” impact of these business in the real world to the cyber/virtual realm, with the goal of those virtual representations to take on a life of their own, and not just be a mere reference to the brick-and-mortar original.
    • “Inventing Automotive Repair Transparency” – built the largest automotive repair website on the Internet, driving revenue for the business (expanded from local auto repair shop to nationwide and international transmission rebuilds: FixEuro.com); and prepared business, management, and online presence for a US-domestic franchise model. Revolutionized said repair business by implementing interaction between shop and customer by supplying picture (I took 45,000 pictures) and video damage documentation (I produced over 250 videos), electronic approval of repair authorization, and ongoing documentation of repair progress. Subsequently this led to a YouTube channel of documentation videos adding up to over 1.5m views (a self-runner – de-activated after 10+ years). This project concluded successfully in 2012.
    • A variety of successful classified projects.
  • Developed the infrastructure: ThreadStream Logic Gate Computing (LGC), to power and support this cross-over virtual experience world. This approach applies among many crypto technologies Artifical Intelligence (LGC gives the fundamental principles of AI a name), and Deep Learning methods, and thus embeds the virtual/cyber-world of the Internet with real-life experiences (cross-over). The concept applies to a variety of applications, from taking an influence on media and opinion-building for the masses of users, to exowarfare methods in the military cyber defense business.
  • On  a side note: the ThreadStream LGC concept inspired a former employee to forming Start-Up ThreatStream, which performs intelligence analytics of cyber threats (on the base level of technical computer and network aka ‘hacker’ attacks) – and which was later funded by Google and rebranded to Anomali, when Google took a high-stake interest; with the companies’ latest funding round (Aug 2016) coming from the CIA (In-Q-Tel — identifies and partners with companies developing cutting-edge technologies to help deliver these solutions to the Central Intelligence Agency and the broader U.S. Intelligence Community -IC- to further their missions).