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The CIA’s communications suffered a catastrophic compromise. It started in Iran. -- 08 Nov 2018 - Previously unreported - published 02 NOV 2018   A bloody example of why Cyber Security is so important - and if the CIA and US Intelligence Community cannot secure their own, why do we (in the EU) rely mostly on the same technology they use?   In 2013, hundreds of ... Read More
2018 Ranking: Top 5 Cities To Startup In Europe According To Founders -- 08 Nov 2018 - Berlin is appreciated for its startup ecosystem as it receives 91% approval rate from its followers on this feature. For founders from Central Eastern Europe (54%) and Western Europe (42%), Berlin remains the most desired place to startup.   Since 2016, Startup Heatmap Europe has asked over 3000 founders, startup ... Read More
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA): Army Announces New Director of Operations -- 30 Oct 2018 - Maj. Gen. Charles H. Cleveland has been assigned as the next director of operations at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, according to an Oct. 29 release from the Army’s chief of staff. In the new role, Cleveland will oversee the NGA’s worldwide operational support and the execution of the agency’s mission ... Read More
Berlin Science Week & Helmholtz Horizons Symposium 1. to 10. NOV 2018 -- 29 Oct 2018 - Ab dem 1. November findet für 10 Tage die Berlin Science Week vom 1.11. bis 10.11. statt: "BERLIN SCIENCE WEEK 1-10 NOV 2018 is an international gathering, bringing together people from the world’s most innovative scientific institutions in Berlin. It is dedicated to the dialogue between science and society to ... Read More
Stinger Missile Upgrade Brings One Hundred Percent Hit-Rate -- 29 Oct 2018 - The Stinger missile is the U.S. military’s main short-range air defense weapon, featuring in-flight guidance and an almost 0.5 kg warhead that sends shrapnel ripping through planes, helicopters, other low-flying vehicles and, when necessary, even ground vehicles. Recently, the missile’s manufacturer has created a new proximity fuse for the weapon, ... Read More
Heathrow 2019: World’s Largest Deployment of Biometric Systems -- 29 Oct 2018 - Manual authentication in airports means that passengers need to present different forms of ID such as boarding cards, booking reference numbers as well as their passports to different agents to show that they’re authorized to travel. These processes take a lot of time. IATA research shows that 64% of passengers ... Read More
“FlyCroTug” Drones: Who Needs Thumbs? Not These Drones! -- 27 Oct 2018 - It’s an image maybe just as absurd as swallows carrying coconuts, but a reality infinitely more useful. A pair of small drones with winches and hooks work together to open a door, manipulating an object 40 times their own mass. The technique is novel, inspired by wasps, and suggests new ... Read More
US to Let NATO Use Its Offensive Cyber Defense Skills -- 25 Oct 2018 - NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center   The United States is expected to make its offensive cyber warfare capabilities available to NATO, officials said Wednesday, as the alliance seeks to strengthen its defenses against Russian electronic attacks. Britain and Denmark have already publicly committed cyber resources to NATO, and Washington is ... Read More
Hackers Earn $150,000 in Marine Corps Bug Bounty Program -- 25 Oct 2018 - The U.S. Department of Defense’s sixth public bug bounty program, Hack the Marine Corps, has concluded, and white hat hackers who took part in the challenge earned more than $150,000. Hack the Marine Corps was hosted by the HackerOne bug bounty platform and it ran for 20 days. Over 100 ... Read More
Russia’s Hackers Long Tied to Military And Secret Services -- 25 Oct 2018 - During the Soviet era, the country's top computer scientists and programmers largely worked for the secret services. That practice appears to have resumed under President Vladimir Putin, as Russia faces accusations of waging a global campaign of cyber attacks. Dutch officials on Thursday accused four Russians from the GRU military ... Read More
IoT Security: California Bill Requires Unique Passwords From Manufacturers in Connected Devices -- 25 Oct 2018 - The state of California recently passed a bill that requires the manufacturers of connected devices to use unique hardcoded passwords for each device manufactured. The bill, meant to combat the widespread use of weak passwords in connected devices such as Internet of Things (IoT) products, also demands that manufacturers implement ... Read More
Cybersecurity Predictions: More Cyberattacks, Social Engineering, And Scary IoT -- 25 Oct 2018 - CNET's Dan Patterson interviewed Kevin Mitnick, a former most wanted computer criminal, and now the founder of Mitnick Security Consulting and chief Hacking Officer of the security awareness training company KnowBe4, about emerging cybersecurity trends and how we can prepare for attacks. The following is an edited transcript of the ... Read More
Sinking Container Ships By Hacking Load Plan Software -- 25 Oct 2018 - Load planning Speed and efficiency is everything with containerised shipping. The Container Load Plan (also known as a bay or stowage plan, or Ship Planning System) is a key part of that.     I’ll explain the detail of the messaging format in a separate blog about BAPLIE EDIFACT syntax. ... Read More
The DNC Hacker Indictment: A Lesson in Failed Misattribution -- 25 Oct 2018 - Reading legal documents is not something I usually enjoy. The Muller indictment of the Russian DNC hackers was different - the amount of detail revealed in the document stunned me, and suggests that the US had very deep visibility into the hackers’ operations. In this article I am not going ... Read More
Triton, Trisis, HatMan Malware Linked to Russian Government Research Institute “Xenotime” -- 25 Oct 2018 - The development of the malware tracked as Triton, Trisis and HatMan was supported by a research institute owned by the Russian government, FireEye reported on Tuesday. The Triton attack, aimed at industrial control systems (ICS) at a critical infrastructure organization in the Middle East, came to light in December 2017. ... Read More
Kaspersky says it detected infections with DarkPulsar, alleged NSA malware -- 25 Oct 2018 - Eternal Blue was not the only spytool stolen from NSA and distributed by Shadow Broker. Dark Pulsar was also lost and dumped in the wild and Kaspersky has an interesting analysis on this.   Kaspersky Lab said today that it detected computers infected with DarkPulsar, a malware implant that has ... Read More
6 Cybersecurity Tools You’ll Need to Know About in 2019 -- 25 Oct 2018 - (this reads like sponsored content, and it is -- still, useful info)   1) Safeblocks (securing dApps on less-secure Blockchain copies) 2) Incapsula (DNS tooling) 3) HoxHunt (minimizing human error, the 90% cause of hacks) 4) PerimeterX (fighting scalping and scraping bots) 5) WhiteSource (managing open-source vulnerabilities) 6) Cloud Management ... Read More
Real-Time Malware Clean-Up (animated) -- 24 Oct 2018 - What we caught: traditional Anti-Virus (AV) weaknesses This map shows when our remediation products clean up malware on these devices, as they're happening around the globe, in real time. It's also important to note that this map does not show remediation results for any potentially unwanted programs. Including these would ... Read More
Oshkosh Robot Trucks Could Roll Out To The US Army By 2020: War Punctuates Mundanity With Acute Violence -- 24 Oct 2018 - "shifting the grunt work from the grunts to machines" By adding autonomous features, cargo vehicles like this could carry out the same mission without need for human occupants. (Oshkosh Defense)   Simple subtraction explains the impetus for self-driven supply convoys: For every autonomously driven vehicle, that’s one fewer human driver ... Read More
The New Normal: How The US Army Is Improving Tactical Cyber Operations Within Traditional Kinetic Units -- 23 Oct 2018 - The Army is maturing several concepts, capabilities and units to conduct tactical cyber, electronic warfare, intelligence and information operations to support brigade commanders. (Spc. Kiara V. Flowers/Army) "While the commander doesn’t need to be fluent in geek-speak, he has to at least have a good understanding of his virtual battle ... Read More
3 Benefits of Hiring an ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ -- 22 Oct 2018 - (I was asked how an "Entrepreneur-in-Residence" is defined - and struggling to find a good catch-all explanation, I looked it up) 3 Benefits of Hiring an 'Entrepreneur-in-Residence' For most companies, having a CEO who's forced to constantly divide his or her attention is a surefire way to kill ... Read More
Unexpected Integration of Drone and Combat Vehicle -- 22 Oct 2018 - Recent advancements in commercial drones and their use by the military bring vehicle and drone manufacturers closer offering integrating drones with manned or unmanned combat vehicles.   AeroVironment is working with General Dynamics Land Systems to tighten the integration of its unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with General Dynamics’ ... Read More
Automated Threat Recognition Algorithm With Machine Learning Capability -- 22 Oct 2018 - Neutral Explosives Detection Algorithm in Development In order to upgrade and improve airport security systems, the U.S. government and airport security experts are working to develop vendor-neutral software for explosives detection in baggage-screening systems at airports and other ports of entry. The idea is to develop explosives detection algorithms able ... Read More
Report: North Korea-Sponsored Lazarus Hacks Comprise 65 Percent = $571 Million of Total Crypto Stolen Since Early 2017 -- 20 Oct 2018 - Hacker group “Lazarus,” reportedly funded by North Korea, has stolen a staggering $571 million in cryptocurrencies since early 2017, a study conducted by cybercrime company Group-IB reveals. Key takeaways from the study were published Tuesday, Oct. 16, alongside the full annual report, entitled “Hi-Tech Crime Trends.” The report, dedicated to ... Read More
The Answer To Battlefield Logistics Problems Could Be IoT – Secured By Blockchain For Network Integrity -- 19 Oct 2018 - Soldiers assigned to 101st Sustainment Brigade "Lifeliners," 101st Airborne Division, assist in response and recovery missions, Sept. 19 at Burgaw, North Carolina. Fort Campbell Soldiers are deployed to N.C. this week to support U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) efforts in assisting Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other agencies as ... Read More

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