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Intertwining Cyber And Electronic Warfare (In The US Army) -- 22 Jun 2018 - With cyber playing a critical role in conflict going forward, the Army has begun to recognize the need to have organic cyber planners within a brigade’s staff to offer commanders options related to cyber as well as electronic warfare. Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities, or CEMA cells, have been stood up ... Read More
Holding on to the US Air Force’s cyber workers -- 22 Jun 2018 - Senators have long been worried about the future of the Air Force’s cyber workforce. “Out of the 127 Air Force cyber officers that completed their first tour on the cyber mission force, none went back to a cyber-related job,” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said during a May 2017 hearing. “That ... Read More
“Five Eyes” Nations aim to win the race for quantum computing supremacy -- 22 Jun 2018 - Since China started quantum computing research in 2004, it has invested over 30 times more than America in this revolutionary technology. In 2017 China announced that it was creating an $11 billion, 4 million-square-foot national quantum laboratory in the city of Hefei. This lab will accelerate China’s research into various ... Read More
US Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) extends contract for Marines counterdrone tech -- 22 Jun 2018 - The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) has extended a prototype contract with Sensofusion for an additional year to develop a system that would give troops advanced warning of threats from drones. The contract was extended to “innovate and implement new capabilities within signal intelligence,” a June 6 press release said. ... Read More
Can a new DISA ‘eApp’ help solve the 710,000 security clearance backlog? -- 18 Jun 2018 - Workers with a security clearance are in high demand throughout the US federal government.   The federal government faces a substantial security clearance backlog, so the Defense Information Systems Agency has announced a potential solution. An electronic application, eApp, will be used to submit background security clearance investigation forms. The ... Read More
CYBER GEEK RECRUITING: top US Marine says cyber warriors must get more flexibility -- 18 Jun 2018 - Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller called for a futuristic vision of the service that embraces digital fighting. (Sgt. Olivia G. Ortiz/Marine Corps)   The Marine Corps (USMC) must be “more flexible” when it comes to retaining cyber warriors, its top officer said, a recognition that the ... Read More
Israeli National Cyber Security Authority Outsources: White Hat and White Knight Combat Cyberattacks -- 17 Jun 2018 - This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)   Cyber threats on Israeli companies, organizations, and infrastructure grow daily. The Israeli National Cyber Security Authority has been concentrating its efforts to thwart this threat using sub-contractors, cyber companies that each one deals with the defense of a different critical sector. One ... Read More
CNO: Bundeswehr-Hacker bereit zum Hackback -- 17 Jun 2018 - Seit Jahren streiten Politiker, ob Deutschland nach einem Hackerangriff auch im Netz zurückschlagen darf. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen hat die Bundeswehr nun erstmals gemeldet, dass sie dazu in der Lage wäre. Von Matthias Gebauer und Marcel Rosenbach Samstag, 16.06.2018 Die Cybertruppe der Bundeswehr könnte im Fall eines Hackerangriffs auf deutsche Rechner und ... Read More
Cyber rules: how information advantage will help win future conflicts -- 14 Jun 2018 - In future conflicts, information will reign supreme. Gone are the days when the winner of a conflict will be the one that brings the most capacity and breaks the most things. Rather, “future conflicts are probably going to be decided by the side with an information advantage,” US Air Force ... Read More
No Jamming @ Eurosatory: this French navigation system by Safran doesn’t need GPS -- 14 Jun 2018 - PARIS ― Safran Electronics & Defense unveiled June 12 at the Eurosatory trade show a range of military inertial navigation systems, dubbed Geonyx, aimed at equipping armored vehicles, target acquisition systems and artillery. The Geonyx INS range is a navigation tool designed to allow operators to find their position and ... Read More
Adblock Plus wants to use blockchain to call out fake news -- 13 Jun 2018 - German eyeo, the company in Cologne behind the popular browser-based ad block product Adblock Plus, is no stranger to controversy. Which is just as well given its new “passion project”: A browser add-on that labels news content as ‘trusted’ or, well, Breitbart. The beta browser extension, which is called Trusted ... Read More
The Cyber Bases Of The Future -- 12 Jun 2018 - National cyber defense units should be located in metropolitan areas where they can best take advantage of IT capabilities and infrastructure. (artisteer/Getty Images)   The cyber missions that support government and business cyber defenses need to be located where they can have an impact on the outcome. The Department of ... Read More
European Defense Agency chief questions ‘unhealthy’ defense trade with the US -- 12 Jun 2018 - PARIS – The chief of the European Defense Agency said Europe must wean itself from U.S. high-tech weaponry, proposing that arms deals with Washington could decrease in an effort to achieve greater “strategic autonomy” for the continent. Jorge Domecq said the development would be a natural outcome of emerging efforts ... Read More
French and German armor makers test the waters with a ‘Euro-tank’ -- 12 Jun 2018 - The new European Main Battle Tank from KNDS is the body of a German Leopard 2, mixed with the turret of a French Leclerc. (Jeff Martin/Staff)   PARIS ― France’s Nexter and Germany’s Krauss-Maffei Wegmann pitched a cross between a Leopard 2 chassis and a Leclerc turret at the Eurosatory ... Read More
French Nexter armored vehicle could soon include tethered drones, face recognition -- 12 Jun 2018 - Members of the French national police elite research intervention group hold their shields as they take part in an exhibition with the group's new armored truck Titus in Paris on May 4, 2016. (Thomas Samson/AFP via Getty Images)   VERSAILLES, France ― Nexter, a French government-owned weapons manufacturer, based in Roanne, ... Read More
Insitu’s ScanEagle: With 11 tons of seized drugs, US Coast Guard asks for more drones -- 12 Jun 2018 - WASHINGTON ― What can fly for 12 hours straight, launches from a catapult on the deck of a Coast Guard cutter and has helped apprehend more than 11 tons of contraband? Answer: small unmanned aircraft systems, and the U.S. Coast Guard has asked for a lot more of them. The ... Read More
Microsoft Buys GitHub: The Linux Foundation’s Reaction -- 12 Jun 2018 - “the multi-decade progression toward the adoption and continual use of open source software (OSS) in developing modern technological products, solutions and services is permanent and irreversible. The majority of the world’s economic systems, stock exchanges, the Internet, supercomputers and mobile devices run the open source Linux operating system and its ... Read More
World First Smartphone Security Scanner -- 11 Jun 2018 - Obviously, this is a signature-based solution (comparing against known patterns) - less than ideal.   This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew) Law enforcement teams can now determine if someone is carrying a weapon or explosive – all without the need for a physical search – and rapidly identify ... Read More
GitHub Is Microsoft’s $7.5 Billion Undo Button -- 11 Jun 2018 - Oh, GitHub, we knew ye … pretty well, actually, over the past decade. At least programmers did. To us you’ve been comically unavoidable, from your “Octocat” mascot to the fake, fully furnished Oval Office at your San Francisco headquarters, complete with a special Octocat-emblazoned rug that proclaimed “United Meritocracy of GitHub.” Of ... Read More
Leonardo Wins $840m Contract For Next-Gen US Army MFoCS Combat Computing System -- 08 Jun 2018 - WASHINGTON ― Leonardo DRS has won a five-year indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract worth as much as $841.3 million to produce the U.S. Army mission commands next-generation combat computing system, the company announced June 7. Known as the Mounted Family of Computer Systems II (MFoCS), the systems will be upgraded to support ... Read More
Alibaba Affiliate Ant Financial (AliPay) to Boost Blockchain Development After $14 Billion Raise -- 08 Jun 2018 - Ant Financial, the payment affiliate of Chinese internet giant Alibaba, announced on Friday it has raised $14 billion in a Series C round funding, which will be used to further develop new technologies such as blockchain. Founded in 2004 as AliPay and later rebranded to Ant Financial in 2014, the ... Read More
US Government Probes Airplane Vulnerabilities, Says Airline Hack Is ‘Only a Matter of Time’ -- 07 Jun 2018 - According to DHS and other US government documents obtained by Motherboard, the DHS is continuing to investigate how insecure commercial aircraft are to cyber attacks, with one research lab saying hacking a plane may lead to a "catastrophic disaster." US government researchers believe it is only a matter of time ... Read More
US DISA, worried about cyberattacks, looks to the cloud -- 07 Jun 2018 - The Defense Department is now exploring the idea of a cloud-based storage system to defend against cyberthreats that seek to enter networks through internet browsing vulnerabilities.   How do you protect millions of users surfing the web on the most targeted network in the world? For the Department of Defense, ... Read More
The Atlantic: Cyberattacks Are ‘Ticking Time Bombs’ for Germany -- 05 Jun 2018 - Soldiers of Germany's Cyber and Information Space Command attend the group's inauguration in Bonn, Germany, in April 2017   Its pacifist tradition poses a dilemma for those charged with protecting the country from hackers. BONN, Germany—It was a cyberattack that showed just how vulnerable Germany’s digital infrastructure truly is. In ... Read More
$1,999: GMO Reveals Details of Its New 7nm Bitcoin Miner: 24 TH/s @ 1,950 Watts -- 05 Jun 2018 - Japanese IT giant GMO Internet has revealed prices and specs for its new-from-the-ground-up bitcoin miners – the world's first based on a 7nm chip. At a press conference, the company said Tuesday that its 7nm ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) that will power the new B2 miner is designed in Japan, but ... Read More

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