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A US DoD AI expert is coming — and that could mean big things for directed energy -- 23 Mar 2019- Department of Defense undersecretary of research and engineering Michael Griffin has carved out nine assistant director spots to focus on key technology areas, such as directed energy, hypersonics and AI. (David Vergun/Defense Media Activity)   WASHINGTON — A vacant Pentagon position on artificial intelligence will be filled “quite soon,” with… ... Read More
BGP4 for SAT COMs: What if satellite communication was as simple as roaming cell service? -- 23 Mar 2019- Cpl. Nicholas L. Dye (left), satellite transportable terminal operator, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, and Spc. Emmanuel L. Tate, signal systems support specialist, HHC, 1st Bn., 66th Armor Regiment, 3rd ABCT, 4th Inf. Div., work together to position… ... Read More
Incredible Experiment Gives Infrared Vision to Mice — and Humans Could Be Next -- 20 Mar 2019- Special nanoparticles (shown in white) clinging to rods (left) and cones (right) in the photoreceptors of mice By injecting nanoparticles into the eyes of mice, scientists gave them the ability to see near-infrared light—a wavelength not normally visible to rodents (or people). It’s an extraordinary achievement, one made even more… ... Read More
NVIDIA’s Jetson Nano Brings AI Computing to Everyone -- 20 Mar 2019- Jetson Nano Developer Kit (80x100mm), available now for $99 By Dustin Franklin | March 18, 2019 NVIDIA announced the Jetson Nano Developer Kit at the 2019 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC), a $99 computer available now for embedded designers, researchers, and DIY makers, delivering the power of modern AI in a compact, easy-to-use… ... Read More
TensorFlow Privacy, an AI machine learning library with ‘strong privacy guarantees’ -- 20 Mar 2019- 06 MAR 2019 Google announced TensorFlow Privacy, a library for its TensorFlow machine learning framework intended to make it easier for developers to train AI models with strong privacy guarantees. It’s available in open source, and requires “no expertise in privacy” or underlying mathematics, Google says. Moreover, developers using standard… ... Read More
Say “Hello” to Google Coral: Edge TPU, Google’s custom ASIC for machine learning has arrived -- 19 Mar 2019- During Injong Rhee’s keynote at last year’s Google Next conference in San Francisco, Google announced two new upcoming hardware products: a development board and a USB accelerator stick. Both products were built around Google’s Edge TPU, their purpose-built ASIC designed to run machine learning inference at the edge. Almost a… ... Read More
AWS adopts Nvidia’s Tesla T4 chip for AI inference -- 19 Mar 2019- Amazon’s AWS today announced new EC2 instances with Tesla T4 GPUs, which it says will be available via G4 instances to customers in the coming weeks. T4 will also be available through the Amazon Elastic Container service for Kubernetes. “It will be featuring Nvidia T4 processors and really designed for machine… ... Read More
OpenAI let us try its state-of-the-art NLP text generator -- 19 Mar 2019- Natural Language Processing (NLP)   Language is power, and engineering a system that can comprehend it as well as any human is a grand challenge in AI research. Recent contributions like Google’s BERT, a framework that can train state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) models in a few hours on a… ... Read More
OneWeb raises $1.25 billion to mass-produce high-speed internet satellites -- 19 Mar 2019- OneWeb, a space startup that recently launched its first “constellation” of micro-satellites to deliver broadband access across the globe, has raised $1.25 billion to begin mass-producing its satellites and capitalize on what it calls “first mover advantage.” The gargantuan cash injection was led by SoftBank, Qualcomm, Grupo Salinas, and the… ... Read More
Increasing Crypto Mining Attacks in Cloud Infrastructures -- 18 Mar 2019- Cryptocurrency mining is reportedly one of the most observed objectives of hackers attacking businesses’ cloud infrastructures, according to a report by AT&T Cybersecurity on March 14. The cybersecurity wing of United States telecoms firm AT&T stated that organizations of all sizes continue to face major crypto mining attacks despite the… ... Read More
The Dawn of the Deep Tech Ecosystem – Mehr Licht auf die Startups im Maschinenraum -- 18 Mar 2019- March 14, 201914 MAR 2019 -- by Massimo Portincaso, Arnaud de la Tour, and Philippe Soussan Deep technologies — novel technologies that offer significant advances over those currently in use — are attracting an unprecedented amount of interest and activity. The aggregate global private investment in seven deep tech categories… ... Read More
Vierbeinige Mikroroboter krabbeln durch den Körper -- 15 Mar 2019- 70 Mikrometer kleine Roboter könnten im menschlichen Blutkreis zu geschädigten Zellen wandern und "Reparaturen" ausführen. Laufen können sie bereits. Von Hans-Arthur Marsiske Winzige Roboter, die im menschlichen Körper gezielt einzelne Zellen behandeln, sind eine faszinierende Vision, die viele Forscher beflügelt. Ein großes Problem ist dabei jedoch die Fortbewegung: Wie gelangen… ... Read More
Smartwatch-Absatz: Apple Watch ist mit Abstand Nr. 1 -- 04 Mar 2019- von Mathias Brandt, 04.03.2019 Die Apple Watch dominiert den Markt für smarte Uhren. Das zeigen aktuelle Zahlen von Strategy Analytics. Demnach hat Apple im vergangenen Jahr 22,5 Millionen Apple Watches verkauft und kommt damit auf einen Marktanteil von 50 Prozent. Dagegen sehen die Absatzzahlen der Konkurrenten eher mickrig aus, wie… ... Read More
Mobilität: die größten Carsharing-Anbieter in Deutschland -- 04 Mar 2019- von Matthias Janson, 04.03.2019 Die Fahrzeugzahl der Carsharingflotte in Deutschland liegt im fünfstelligen Bereich, die Kundenzahlen gehen in die Millionen. Die Statista-Grafik auf Basis von Carsharing-News-Daten zeigt, wie sich der Markt aufteilt: Nach der Fusion von Car2Go und DriveNow ist ein derzeit übermächtiges Joint-Venture entstanden, dass mit über 1,7 Millionen Kunden… ... Read More
U.S. Cyber Command operation disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midterms -- 02 Mar 2019- The building that housed the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg, shown in 2018. (Dmitri Lovetsky/AP)   By Ellen Nakashima February 27 The U.S. military blocked Internet access to an infamous Russian entity seeking to sow discord among Americans during the 2018 midterms, several U.S. officials said, a warning that… ... Read More
Wo die Einhörner herkommen -- 27 Feb 2019- von Mathias Brandt, 26.02.2019 326 nicht börsennotierte Unternehmen werden laut CB Insights aktuell mit einer Milliarde US-Dollar oder mehr bewertet. 156 dieser sogenannten Einhörner (engl. Unicorns) kommen aus den USA. Weitere 92 sind in China beheimatet. Auch hierzulande gibt es mittlerweile neun Unternehmen mit Einhorn-Status. Neu in die Liste aufgenommen… ... Read More
Gefälschte Dokumente: Forscher tricksen fast alle PDF-Reader aus (außer Linux) -- 26 Feb 2019- Behördenschreiben, Amazon-Rechnungen, Gesetzestexte: Forschern ist es gelungen, populären PDF-Readern manipulierte Dokumente unterzujubeln - mit simplen Mitteln. Warnungen gab es fast nie. Montag, 25.02.2019 - Spiegel Online Ihr Erfolg überraschte die Forscher selbst. Kaum ein gängiges Programm merkte es, wenn elektronisch signierte PDF-Dateien in ihren Tests auf simple Weise manipuliert wurden.… ... Read More
5G Security: „TRacking via Paging mEssage DistributiOn“ – Torpedo -- 26 Feb 2019- Noch vor dem Start – eine neuentdeckte Sicherheitslücke betrifft auch 5G-Netze 26.02.2019, 08:38 Uhr Forscher haben neue Sicherheitslücken in den 4G- und 5G-Mobilfunkstandards entdeckt. Die Lücken könnten dazu genutzt werden, Telefonate abzufangen und die Position eines Handy-Nutzers zu bestimmen. Eigentlich sollte das Mobilfunknetz der fünften Generation (5G) neben höheren Geschwindigkeiten… ... Read More
4 Promising Use Cases Of Blockchain In Cybersecurity -- 21 Feb 2019- 2018 was a rocky year security-wise. Governments, universities, power companies and ‘big name’ entreprises became victims of elaborate hacks. This year, 75% of CEOs and board members name cybersecurity and technology acquisitions among their top priorities. Blockchain-based solutions are among the commonly considered options. And not just among business leaders.… ... Read More
Are you immediately disqualified from applying to NSA if you charge your phone there? -- 21 Feb 2019- more:       ... Read More
A Sharp Rise In Attacks Targeting Known Vulnerabilities In Hadoop Distributed Frameworks -- 21 Feb 2019- Hadoop databases haven't been getting much interest from hackers so far, compared to other data silos, but that's changing, according to a new study. Security shop Securonix, reports that its research team has seen a sharp rise in attacks targeting known vulnerabilities in Hadoop components such as Hadoop YARN, Redis,… ... Read More
WIFI In Your Malicious USB Cables: O.MG Cable -- 21 Feb 2019- Just watch this - it is self-explanatory:   From the author / maker: Firstly, the frontend needs some help! If you are good with JavaScript and would like to contribute, please reach out to me on twitter. cnlohr did the heavy lifting on the backend, so there is mostly just… ... Read More
ATM Hacking Has Gotten So Easy, the Malware’s a Game -- 21 Feb 2019- As long as there are ATMs, hackers will be there to drain them of money. Although ATM-targeted “jackpotting” malware—which forces machines to spit out cash—has been on the rise for several years, a recent variation of the scheme takes that concept literally, turning the machine’s interface into something like a… ... Read More
Cold War Fact 1967: KGB Shipped Stolen Sidewinder Missile Via Mail From Germany To Moscow – To Copy It -- 21 Feb 2019- That the Soviet-made R-3S air-to-air missile — better known in the West by its NATO-designation AA-2 Atoll — is a copy of the AIM-9B Sidewinder, originally developed and manufactured in the USA, is relatively well-known. How it came to be … isn’t so well-known. It involved the mail. The story… ... Read More
Troubled Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 Engines: Boeing 787 Suffers Rare Dual Engine Failure Due To Software Problem -- 21 Feb 2019- A simultaneous dual engine failure on modern twin engine commercial airliners is one of the rarest events in aviation. Rare or not, that’s exactly what happened to ANA flight NH985 when it touched down at Osaka Itami (ITM) on Jan. 17. The pilots completed the touchdown and were rolling down… ... Read More

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