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Cyber Terrorism Concept.


Zombies: Rate of Cybersecurity Venture Funding Not Sustainable, Investors Say -- 19 Jan 2019- By Kevin Townsend on January 18, 2019   Venture capital firm Strategic Cyber Ventures (SCV) considers itself a part of the overall security industry. "First and foremost we are cyber operators," it states on its website. "We advance cybersecurity through expert investment in synergistic teams and technology solving the world's… ... Read More
On the Pentagon’s Wish List: Warp Drives and Invisibility Cloaks -- 18 Jan 2019- Space is a hostile environment. Most of the hostility is inherent — a void cannot itself be accommodating to humans, and the projects that do sustain human life in orbit do so by creating tiny livable pockets, encased in proverbial tin cans. That space could be a vector for other… ... Read More
Every Minute $1.1 Million is Lost to Cybercrime ($600 billion a Year) -- 18 Jan 2019- With cybercriminals costing the global economy $600 billion last year alone, RiskIQ once again took a closer look at the growing volume of malicious activity on the internet during a single “internet minute.” Every single minute: Businesses spend $171,233 to defend themselves Yet, close to $1,138,888 is lost to cybercrime… ... Read More
Phishing: Hacking the USA Power Grid -- 18 Jan 2019- The kill chain, the phishing attack and the broken trust graph Anshu Sharma - Jan 17, 2019 The Wall Street Journal published an explosive story about how state-sponsored Russian hackers used a variety of techniques and a spider web of compromised accounts to ultimately gain access to the control infrastructure that… ... Read More
“GAPS”: DARPA Explores New Computing Architectures to Deliver Verifiable Data Assurances -- 17 Jan 2019- Program seeks to create new software and hardware architectures that provide physically provable assurances around data security and privacy - 1/16/2019 DARPA created the Guaranteed Architecture for Physical Security (GAPS) program to develop scalable solutions that provide safe, verifiable methods of tracking information and communications between computer systems. The… ... Read More
Big Game Hunting with Ryuk: Another Lucrative Targeted Ransomware -- 16 Jan 2019- GRIM SPIDER is a sophisticated eCrime group that has been operating the Ryuk ransomware since August 2018, targeting large organizations for a high-ransom return. This methodology, known as “big game hunting,” signals a shift in operations for WIZARD SPIDER, a criminal enterprise of which GRIM SPIDER appears to be a… ... Read More
DARPA probes tech to solve supply chain uncertainty -- 14 Jan 2019- By Derek B. Johnson - Jan 10, 2019 The US federal government is worried about possible consequences of vulnerabilities in the global electronics and IT supply chain. The Department of Homeland Security and the intelligence community are leading efforts to persuade tech companies to fundamentally alter the way they do… ... Read More
The United States and China – A Different Kind of CyberWar -- 14 Jan 2019- By Kevin Townsend on January 07, 2019 China is Conducting a Low and Slow Cyberwar, Attempting to Stay Under the Radar and Maneuver the Global Economy The potential for cyberwarfare between the United States and Russia is openly discussed, and – if not actually defined – is well understood. The… ... Read More
Blacklisted Kaspersky Tipped NSA on Its Largest Security Breach Ever -- 14 Jan 2019- By AFP on January 11, 2019 The computer security firm Kaspersky Lab helped the US NSA spy agency uncover one of its worst-ever security breaches -- one year before the US banned the company's products for government use, US media has reported. Politico and the Washington Post said the Moscow-based… ... Read More
Kampf gegen Cyber-Crime: warum dem Bund die IT-Experten ausgehen -- 09 Jan 2019- Laut McAfee Deutschlandchef fehlen bis zum Jahr 2020 etwa 160.000 Sicherheitsspezialisten.   Berlin will für mehr Cybersicherheit sorgen. Allein das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik soll 350 neue Stellen erhalten. Nur: Woher sollen die Fachkräfte kommen? das Bundeskriminalamt, das Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum der Bundeswehr (KdoCIR), die zentrale Stelle… ... Read More
Massive German hack: 20-year-old admits mass doxing politicians, journalists, celebs -- 08 Jan 2019- (Vlad's comment nails it.)   Police have found the likely culprit of last week's big leak of high-profile personal data. A 20-year-old German man has confessed to being the culprit behind the massive leak of German politicians', journalists', and celebrities' personal data that shocked the country's political class last week. Police… ... Read More
The 10 Best Military Technology Innovations of 2018 -- 05 Jan 2019- Many leading military technology advances have been achieved during 2018.  US Army scientists and army sponsored researches have succeeded in developing intriguing technologies supporting the soldier of the future.  Dr. Alexander Kott, Chief Scientist of the RDECOM Research Laboratory, the Army’s corporate research laboratory (ARL), which focuses on innovation to… ... Read More
GAO Report Confirms Major Gaps In US Government Cybersecurity -- 05 Jan 2019- A watchdog agency report says that the U.S. government and its infrastructure remain vulnerable in at least a thousand ways to cyberattacks   The U.S. government has gotten pretty good, or at least pretty productive, over the past couple of decades at laying out, in multiple reports, plans, strategies and… ... Read More
Berlin Digital -- 04 Jan 2019- Berliner Zeitung · Nummer 3 · Freitag, 4. Januar 2019                 ... Read More
The MOST System: Scientists can now bottle solar energy for 18 years, turn it into liquid fuel -- 26 Dec 2018- Researchers have invented a liquid isomer that can store and release solar energy. The team has solved problems other researchers have previously encountered. The discovery could lead to more widespread use of solar energy. In the last year, a team from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, essentially figured out how… ... Read More
Cybersecurity CEO Robert Herjavec: We Need To Secure A Massively Expanding Cyber-Attack Surface -- 21 Dec 2018- Cybersecurity CEO Robert Herjavec. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine.   The rapid digital transformation and IoT will increase the risk. Great quote: “What people don’t get about the threat landscape is, it’s less about the techniques and more about the attack surface, and the number of openings that have been created.” --… ... Read More
James Mattis, the last “adult” in the Trump administration, resigns as defense secretary -- 21 Dec 2018- James Mattis will leave his post as the secretary of defense at the end of February.   Gen James Mattis, the highly regarded chief of 3 million DoD personnel, steps down Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned on Thursday, writing in an unsparing letter that he was stepping down because… ... Read More
CENTCOM chief: The future of warfare demands more cyber authorities -- 20 Dec 2018- Gen. Joseph Votel, head of U.S. Central Command   The Pentagon has received more power to conduct cyber operations in the past 18 months. But for the top Army commander in the Middle East and Central Asia, the new authority is not enough. The head of U.S. Central Command, Gen.… ... Read More
Marines look for IBM Watson-like Artificial Intelligence -- 20 Dec 2018- The Marines are looking to big data analysis and potentially an IBM Watson-like machine or software to help conduct complex wargaming and plan for future battles in an immersive environment. The Corps’ Program Manager for Wargaming Capability, Col. Ross Monta, told Marine Corps Times that a recent program announcement seeks… ... Read More
New machine learning algorithm breaks text CAPTCHAs easier than ever -- 20 Dec 2018- Algorithm tested against the text CAPTCHA systems used on 33 popular websites. Academics from UK and China have developed a new machine learning algorithm that can break text-based CAPTCHA systems with less effort, faster, and with higher accuracy than all previous methods. This new algorithm -developed by scientists from Lancaster… ... Read More
EU Investigating Report of Massive Hacking on Diplomatic Cables -- 19 Dec 2018- By Natalia Drozdiak - December 19, 2018 The European Union is investigating "a potential leak of sensitive information" following a report that hackers breached the bloc’s diplomatic communications network. Using techniques similar to those used by an elite unit of China’s People’s Liberation Army, hackers downloaded cables over a period of… ... Read More
To Catch a Hacker: Toward a Comprehensive Strategy to Identify, Pursue, and Punish Malicious Cyber Actors -- 19 Dec 2018- This is a good, needed and depressive read. I quote: ‘Only 3 in 1000 cyber incidents see an arrest’ and ‘Malicious cyber actors are rarely caught and the effort to do so is uncoordinated, under-resourced, and under-prioritised’. -- Troels Oerting There are so many things which can be done practically… ... Read More
Informationskrieg: Hier die NSA, dort die Trolle -- 19 Dec 2018- Zwischen Russlands Einmischung in den US-Wahlkampf und der Internetüberwachung durch NSA und GCHQ gibt es Parallelen: Amerikaner und Briten machten das physische Netz zur Waffe, die Russen seine Anwendungen. Eine Analyse von Patrick Beuth - 18 DEC 2018 Als 2013 die Snowden-Enthüllungen begannen, war die Fachwelt keineswegs von der Tatsache… ... Read More
ExoWarfare done miserably: “Internet Research Agency” (IRA) Russia – Human Trolls -- 18 Dec 2018- Internet Research Agency Die Bilanz der "Trollfabrik" von Mathias Brandt - 18.12.2018 Die Internet Research Agency (IRA) ist ein Unternehmen aus Sankt Petersburg, dass als "Trollfabrik" der russischen Regierung gilt. Eine aktuellen Studie des an der Oxford-Universität angesiedelten Computational Propaganda Research Projects (COMPROP) zufolge haben die Propaganda-Experten der IRA während… ... Read More
Mathematicians Seal Back Door to Breaking RSA Encryption -- 18 Dec 2018- Digital security depends on the difficulty of factoring large numbers. A new proof shows why one method for breaking digital encryption won’t work. "... it’s nearly impossible to find polynomials of that length that can be factored" (*) (**) (*) 'nearly'   (**) with today's computers - not tomorrow's QC  … ... Read More

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