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Cyber Terrorism Concept.


Power Point presentations should be forbidden at meetings – tell a story instead -- 17 May 2019 - ethos, logos, and pathos the three key elements to persuade Jeff Bezos is prohibited from using Power Point presentations at meetings, as he considers them a waste of time. However, the alternative method by which he has replaced them is most useful and effective. Do you want to know what… ... Read More
Intel MDS Vulnerabilities: ZombieLoad, RIDL (Rogue In-Flight Data Load), Fallout, and Store-to-Leak Forwarding – affect almost every Intel chip since 2011 -- 15 May 2019 - Tech giants have published security advisories and blog posts in response to the Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities affecting most Intel processors made in the last decade. Remedy? The microcode updates, like previous patches, would have an impact on processor performance. The vulnerabilities are related to speculative execution and they… ... Read More
North Korea: Bitten by Bitcoin Bug – New Dimension Lazarus Hacking -- 09 May 2019 - A report from ProofPoint by Darien Huss   Executive Summary With activity dating at least to 2009, the Lazarus Group has consistently ranked among the most disruptive, successful, and far-reaching state-sponsored actors. Law enforcement agencies suspect that the group has amassed nearly $100 million worth of cryptocurrencies based on their… ... Read More
Large-Scale “BOLD5000” MRI Dataset Bridges Human Vision And Machine Learning -- 09 May 2019 - Improving computer vision was an important part of the BOLD5000 project from its onset. Senior author Elissa Aminoff, then a post-doctoral fellow in CMU’s Psychology Department and now an assistant professor of psychology at Fordham, initiated this research direction with co-author Abhinav Gupta, an associate professor in the Robotics Institute.… ... Read More
Alibaba-backed, Chinese Gov-supporting facial recognition AI startup Megvii raises $750 million -- 09 May 2019 - One of China’s most ambitious artificial intelligence startups, Megvii, more commonly known for its facial recognition brand Face++, announced Wednesday that it has raised $750 million in a Series E funding round. Founded by three graduates from the prestigious Tsinghua University in China, the eight-year-old company specializes in applying its… ... Read More
Russia-linked Threat Group Turla Uses Sophisticated Backdoor ‘LightNeuron’ to Hijack Exchange Mail Servers -- 07 May 2019 - The Russia-linked threat group known as Turla has been using a sophisticated backdoor to hijack Microsoft Exchange mail servers, ESET reported on Tuesday. The malware, dubbed LightNeuron, allows the attackers to read and modify any email passing through the compromised mail server, create and send new emails, and block emails… ... Read More
Chinese Hackers Used NSA Tool a Year Before Shadow Brokers Leak -- 07 May 2019 - A Chinese threat actor was spotted using a tool attributed to the NSA-linked Equation Group more than one year prior to it being leaked by the mysterious Shadow Brokers, Symantec revealed on Monday. The Chinese cyber espionage group is tracked as Buckeye, APT3, UPS Team, Gothic Panda, and TG-0110, and… ... Read More
New report explains how China thinks about information warfare -- 07 May 2019 - The Chinese military has established a Network Systems Department, responsible for information warfare.   The Department of Defense’s annual report on China’s military and security developments provides new details about how China’s military organizes its information warfare enterprise, an area that has been of particular interest to U.S. military leaders.… ... Read More
A World First: Israel Retaliates To A Cyber-Attack With Immediate Physical Action – Wipes Out Hamas Cyber HQ (Incl Personnel) -- 06 May 2019 - GAZA, PALESTINE - 2019/05/05: Smoke rising after an Israeli air raid on homes in Gaza City during the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israeli army that began two days ago.   The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has launched a physical attack on Hamas in immediate response to an alleged… ... Read More
Summary: US Feds, Europol, and German BKA Bust Up Dark Web “Wall Street Market” -- 06 May 2019 - The now-defunct Wall Street Market (WSM). Image: Dark Web Reviews. Criminal complaint and arrest warrants for: TIBO LOUSEE, 22, from Kleve, also known as (“aka”) “coder420,” aka “codexx420” JONATHAN KALLA, 31, from Bad Vilbel, aka “Kronos” KLAUS-MARTIN FROST, 29, from Stuttgart, aka “TheOne,” aka “The_One,” aka “dudebuy” (collectively known as… ... Read More
[not classified] New documents provide details on NSA relationship with Cyber Command -- 06 May 2019 - Documents obtained via FOIA provide some details regarding how involved NSA was with the build out of Cyber Command's cyber force. (Patrick Semansky/AP) The close-knit relationship between the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command is well known in the defense community, but documents from a series of Freedom of… ... Read More
Hacker Finds He Can Remotely Kill Car Engines After Breaking Into GPS Tracking Apps -- 03 May 2019 - “I can absolutely make a big traffic problem all over the world,” the hacker said. A hacker broke into thousands of accounts belonging to users of two GPS tracker apps, giving him the ability to monitor the locations of tens of thousands of vehicles and even turn off the engines… ... Read More
11.177 DDoS-Attacken im DACH Raum im 1. Quartal 2019 – 3,8 Gbps Durchschnitt -- 02 May 2019 - 11.177 registrierte und abgewehrte DDoS-Attacken auf Webseiten und Server in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz (DACH), die durch Link11 geschützt sind, hat das gleichnamige Unternehmen im ersten Quartal 2019 gezählt. Aber nicht allein die Anzahl der Attacken bereitet den Analysten Sorge, sondern auch die zunehmende Bandbreite und Komplexität der Angriffe.… ... Read More
“Amazing” AI Generates Entire Bodies of People Who Don’t Exist -- 01 May 2019 - (I am amused ... 11 years after the fact it hits the mainstream :yahoo: ) The algorithm whips up photorealistic models and outfits from scratch. Embodied AI A new deep learning algorithm can generate high-resolution, photorealistic images of people — faces, hair, outfits, and all — from scratch. The AI-generated… ... Read More
Malware Infests Popular Pirate Streaming Hardware -- 30 Apr 2019 - Seems hard to feel bad for buyers & users of such devices ... Hardware that supports pirated video streaming content comes packed with malware. You get what you pay for when you pirate content. That’s the takeaway from the latest report by Digital Citizens Alliance. It found that pirating hardware,… ... Read More
Qualcomm Critical Flaw Exposes Private Keys For Android Devices -- 26 Apr 2019 - A side-channel attack in Qualcomm technology, which is used by most modern Android devices, could allow an attacker to snatch private keys. Researchers have uncovered a side-channel attack that enables a bad actor to extract sensitive data from Qualcomm’s secure keystore.  The critical flaw impacts most modern Android devices that… ... Read More
U.S. citizens realize that facial recognition is present in real-life applications without consent -- 24 Apr 2019 - Facial Recognition is Here: But Are We Ready? As U.S. citizens realize that facial recognition is present in real-life applications, more questions are arising about consent, how data is shared – and what regulation exists. When MacKenzie Fegan was boarding her morning flight to Mexico City last Wednesday, she noticed… ... Read More
Tax Burden For Employees Around The World -- 18 Apr 2019 - Steuern und Abgaben in Deutschland besonders hoch Deutsche alleinstehende Arbeitnehmer ohne Kinder tragen im OECD-Vergleich die zweitgrößte Steuer- und Abgabenlast. 39,7 Prozent des Brutto-Einkommens kommen nicht bei den Arbeitnehmern an. Mehr ist es mit 39,8 Prozent nur in Belgien, wie die Grafik von Statista zeigt. Das geht aus einem jährlich… ... Read More
Bad Bots Account for a Fifth of All Web Traffic, FinServ Hit the Worst -- 18 Apr 2019 - The financial services industry sees nearly half of all website traffic coming from malicious bots. About a fifth of all web traffic (20.4 percent) comes from bad bots, which continue to attack daily in automated offensives on websites, mobile apps and APIs. That’s worse for some verticals, like the banking… ... Read More
State-Sponsored DNS Hijacking Infiltrates 40 Firms Globally -- 18 Apr 2019 - An ongoing campaign, active since 2017, has been stealing credentials via global DNS hijacking attacks. A newly-discovered state-sponsored campaign is targeting national security organizations across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – and elsewhere – with domain name system (DNS) hijacking attacks, used to scoop up credentials. The campaign,… ... Read More
So viel Speicherplatz verbraucht das Zettabyte-Zeitalter -- 17 Apr 2019 - 33 Zettabytes Daten hat die Menschheit 2018 generiert. Hinter dieser unscheinbaren Zahl verbirgt sich eine kaum vorstellbare Datenmenge. Ein Zettabyte sind Megabyte. Damit ließen sich Beispielsweise 660 Milliarden Standard-Blu-rays füllen oder 33 Millionen menschliche Gehirne. Und damit steht die Menschheit datenvolumentechnisch noch ziemlich am Anfang, wie ein Blick in… ... Read More
Could artificial intelligence save the Pentagon $15 billion a year? -- 17 Apr 2019 - U.S. Air Force aircraft maintainers perform post-flight maintenance on an E-3 Sentry AWACS. (Senior Master Sgt. Roger Parsons/U.S. Air National Guard) "The average aircraft in the US Air Force is about 28 years old and on any given day about 30 percent of the aircraft cannot deploy. The service wants… ... Read More
Where Hackers Attack – Q4 2018 -- 17 Apr 2019 - 2016 zielten laut Kaspersky nur 16 Prozent aller Cyberattacken auf Microsoft Office. Zwei Jahre später hat sich der Anteil der Angriffe auf 70 Prozent vervielfacht. Verantwortlich für den Anstieg sollen eine Vielzahl sogenannter Zero Day Exploits sein. Das sind Sicherheitslücken, die am selben Tag erfolgen, an dem die hierbei ausgenutzte… ... Read More
GAFA: Tech-Riesen erhöhen das Lobby-Budget (in USA) -- 15 Apr 2019 - 54,7 Millionen US-Dollar haben Google, Amazon, Facebook und Apple (GAFA) zusammengenommen 2018 für Lobbyarbeit in den USA ausgegeben - das entspricht einer Steigerung von rund elf Prozent gegenüber dem Vorjahr. Über den mit Abstand größten Lobbyetat verfügt mit 21,2 Millionen US-Dollar Google. Dagegen hat Apple nur 6,6 Millionen US-Dollar in… ... Read More
Small stickers on the ground trick Tesla autopilot into steering into opposing traffic lane -- 04 Apr 2019 - Researchers from Tencent Keen Security Lab have published a report detailing their successful attacks on Tesla firmware, including remote control over the steering, and an adversarial example attack on the autopilot that confuses the car into driving into the oncoming traffic lane. The researchers used an attack chain that they… ... Read More

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