Münster / Germany

  • Principal Consultant and President – 1/1987 to 4/1994
    Client: Alpmann & Schmidt, Münster, Germany
    Client: Hagenhoff National Freight, Münster, Germany
    Client: Software C.I.T.Y. MailOrder, Münster, Germany
    Client: DMI X-Ray Digitalization, Münster-Roxel, Germany
    Local ISP

    Münster, Germany
    1st Internet ISP In Town; Consulted For, And Sold Unix & Novell Solutions


Münster, capitol of Westfalia, and site of the 1648 Westfalian Peace Treaty (the first ever to be negotiated, not by massacring the opposing site) – it ended the “30 year war” aka the “European wars of religion“. The city is also well known for their anabapist movement (“Wiedertäufer”) and the “Münster Rebellion” as a result of it (1532-1536). There is also the famous golden rooster (see picture with story).

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