RLC Defense Technologies

High-Level CV Overview

Think Tank Member
October 2008 to September 2021

Reality Lease Co. CyberDefense Innovation Technologies (RLC)
a Delaware Corporation




Main Focus:

Warfare in the Cognitive Domain: Group and Individual Targeting.
I create the ideas, the visions, new technologies, and turn them into RLC-owned start-up companies and their products.

Combining specialized hardware and software technologies to succeed in Cyber- and Cognitive Warfare, Blockchain Technologies, AI, and Quantum Computing – tailored to the needs of a few select customers.

Development and continuous deployment of ThreadStream LogicGate Computing (LGC) virtual agents and applications capable of non-biological thinking (passing the Turing test): using Deep (ML) Learning, Neural Networks, AI, and LGC for IRL/Cyber crossover operations.


Novato Research Park, California, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
Dallas, Texas, USA
Crystal City, Virginia, USA
HQ: Dover, Delaware, USA

RLC started, spun off, or acquired:
Why do the RLC companies’ websites offer so little information? These days, everything is available on the net, and pariticipants compete in loud announcements of their products and services. RLC creates and deploys ground-breaking technologies for sensitive applications – and “less” is here often “more”. Customers with a use for these technologies have the access – the rest does not need it.

Blockchain Industries (2019)
“The Truth Machine – Humans optional.”
We deliver the original Blockchain promise: hyper-scaled and without HODLing.

HyperWarfare Inc (2018)
Winning 21st Century Conflicts
Defending Against 21st Century Threats

Hyperledger Venture Capital Inc (Joint Venture, 2018)
Investing in Hyperledger Projects & Decentralized Technologies

Blockchain BGP Inc (2018)
Software Defined Industrial Blockchain Network Infrastructure: “Creative Routing”

Blockwart Inc (2018)
Blockchain Infrastructure Monitor & Administration

MetaBlockchains Inc (2017)
Integration of Public & Private Blockchains

Quantum Blocks Inc (2016)
Fusion of Quantum Computing and Blockchain Tech: “we let Schrodinger’s cat play with blocks”​.

BlockChain Industries Inc (founded 2014, acquired 2016)
Industrial Infrastructure and Hardware for Public & Private Blockchains

ExoWarfare Inc (2008)
ThreadStream LogicGate Computing


Cyber Defense Innovations


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