High-Level CV Overview

Chief Internet Architect
Director of Operations & IT
September 1999 to May 2000

Internet Barter Inc. / BarterTrust
San Francisco, California


Bartertrust’s main focus: was a global company, moving the traditional 1-on-1 bartering market ($16 Billion in US, $64 Billion worldwide in 1999) to a new level worldwide by introducing a virtual cryptocurrency and facilitating the web for trades, which allowed a much greater number of business’ to become beneficiaries. With a senior management team (which has been successful with previous start-ups), acquisitions within the US (essentially all locally operating barter companies) and globally (two companies in Canada, one in Australia), and huge investor interest, was already the largest barter company in North America with a multi-million dollar revenue (after only 8 months since incorporation), and soon became the largest bartering company worldwide.

My role:

  • Planned & built secure (banking-grade) Internet presence
  • Planned, staffed, and managed high-growth corporate IT & Internet operations through several domestic and international acquisitions

In detail:

  • Build-out of the initial co-location in a local data center (the Globix facility, see also below, a data center which I previously built)
    from a 20×20 highly secured cage to an optional 40×40 presence per data center.
  • Planned, built, and managed personnel:
    • Production team,
    • MIS team,
    • Telecom/Facilities team,
    • All system administration teams,
    • Hiring all technical personnel (Unix: Solaris, Linux & AIX / NT SysAdmins, Application Admins, Oracle DBAs),
  • Built a 7×24 NOC
  • All related vendor negotiations.
  • Managed and scaled all MIS during high-growth period (17 to 220 employees through 10 domestic and international acquisitions), including:
    • planning,
    • build-out
    • and managing data integration for the 16 initial and now more offices within and outside the US
      (including PBXs, VPNs, completely new infrastructure, PCs, servers, etc).