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Upcoming Webinar 21 JUL: Stuxnet and Beyond – The Age of Digital Warfare and the Future of Our Cities

In 2010, the discovery of Stuxnet, the sophisticated virus used by the U.S. and Israel to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program, ushered in a new era of warfare — in the digital realm. It also placed critical infrastructure around the world in the cross hairs by demonstrating how a remote digital attack could be done anonymously and have as much destructive capability as a physical bomb.

Since that discovery, subsequent attacks against critical infrastructure have shown us where this new realm is headed. In tandem, security teams like yours are supporting an increasing amount of distributed endpoints. What does this new age of digital warfare mean for your organization?

In this webinar, award-winning investigative journalist Kim Zetter will discuss:

  • How Stuxnet was unleashed covertly on Iran, what it was designed to do and how it was able to conduct its stealth sabotage undetected for three years before being discovered.
  • What Stuxnet showed us about the ways in which critical infrastructure systems that manage electric grids, water treatment plants, high-security prisons, traffic lights and more, are vulnerable to similar attacks.
  • The kinds of attacks we’ve seen since then that have taken what the Stuxnet attackers demonstrated and advanced it, such as the assault on Ukraine’s power grid and the attack that targeted a Saudi Arabian chemical plant.
  • Lessons learned from Stuxnet and these subsequent attacks that show the mistakes that made them possible — some of them easily corrected and others that are more complicated to fix



Stuxnet and Beyond: The Age of Digital Warfare and the Future of Our Cities