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Berlin Science Week & Helmholtz Horizons Symposium 1. to 10. NOV 2018

Ab dem 1. November findet für 10 Tage die Berlin Science Week vom 1.11. bis 10.11. statt:

BERLIN SCIENCE WEEK 1-10 NOV 2018 is an international gathering, bringing together people from the world’s most innovative scientific institutions in Berlin. It is dedicated to the dialogue between science and society to inspire a deeper understanding of our world. BERLIN SCIENCE WEEK fosters interdisciplinary exchange and encourages fellow participants to connect and learn from each other.

Während dieser Konferenz fidnet auch das Helmholtz Horizons Symposium am 6.11. statt:

The Helmholtz Horizons Symposium highlights scientific breakthroughs achieved by eminent Helmholtz researchers as well as the organization’s rising stars, from doctoral candidates to junior research group leaders.

Liste der Vortragenden (Speaker):