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Real-Time Malware Clean-Up (animated)

What we caught: traditional Anti-Virus (AV) weaknesses

This map shows when our remediation products clean up malware on these devices, as they’re happening around the globe, in real time.

It’s also important to note that this map does not show remediation results for any potentially unwanted programs. Including these would more than double the number of detections.

What does “What we caught” mean?

For a dot to appear on the map three things must happen. First, a device has a third party anti-virus registered in the Windows Security Center. Second, the user runs a Malwarebytes remediation scan. Third, our scan must detect malware. We then add a numerical count for each detection next to the respective vendor’s name. These three elements represent our real-time global view of the threats detected by our remediation scans. Each dot represents a detection. There can be multiple detections for each dot.

This is not a perfect comparison. We can only identify antivirus programs registered in the Windows Security Center; we cannot see how you configured the other antivirus, or distinguish when the detection files were last updated.

The data is presented in accordance with the methodology explained above and there is no correlation or interpretation applied to such data.

Given some browser limitations that may impact the performance of your computer, we limit the number of dots on the screen to 700 at any one time. Put another way, if you’ve had the page running for awhile and go back to look for a specific dot it may be gone. The counter on the right will continue to count the total number of detections for your browser session

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