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US Navy Renames ‘System Centers’ to ‘Information Warfare Centers’

Rear Adm. Christian Becker, head of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command,
speaks at West 2018. (U.S. Naval Institute)


The Navy’s primary IT organization is renaming its subordinate centers to better reflect the reality of information warfare.

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Commander Rear Adm. Christian Becker told an audience Feb. 13 at the West 2019 conference that the SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic and SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific will now respectively be referred to as Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic and Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific.

“The missions will stay the same but a name’s important because it tells us the focus that we need to have on information warfare,” he said. “This is not changing the missions or functions and tasks of our centers, rather evolving to show and demonstrate that focus.”

The change is expected to take place Feb. 19.

One of the key distinctions Becker hopes the new names will bring is shifting focus from delivering a system to delivering a capability that aligns with the rest of the warfare centers across the platforms.

“When we think about warfare centers in the Navy … we think of places like Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Naval Air Warfare Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center. We’re aligning and normalizing with that; Naval Information Warfare Center,” he said.