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Cyber rules: how information advantage will help win future conflicts

In future conflicts, information will reign supreme. Gone are the days when the winner of a conflict will be the one that brings the most capacity and breaks the most things.

Rather, “future conflicts are probably going to be decided by the side with an information advantage,” US Air Force Brig. Gen. Chance Saltzman, director of current operations, deputy chief of staff for operations, said at the Space Computing Conference hosted by MITRE on June 6.

“It might be the [sides] that find exactly the right thing to break or the exact right pressure point, and that’s going to be about information advantage.”

Underpinning this information advantage is what the US Air Force is calling multidomain command and control. This can be summed up best as independently generating effects across space, air and cyber — not in support of just air operations — to create multiple and continuous dilemmas for adversaries.