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Bird Detection Radar Becomes Powerful Tool for UAS Operators

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DeTect has completed the commissioning of a HARRIER Ground- Based Sense-and-Avoid (GBSAA) radar in Spain. The system, supplied to a provider of aerial emergency services in Spain, will provide beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) for drone and UAS operations at project sites throughout Spain and Europe for wildfire assessment and firefighting support.

The radar system incorporates the latest in solid-state, Doppler radar technology and real-time web-based situational awareness displays to accommodate a diversity of user applications.



By incorporating multiple sensors, including radar, TAS and ADSB receivers into the HARRIER system, a cost-effective solution is provided for BVLOS operations to UAS operators, said Edward Zakrajsek, General Manager of DeTect Global.

The radar system supports a wide range of UAS operations including wildfire assessment, firefighting, oil and gas site inspections, aerial survey, and law enforcement extending operational ranges to 20 miles (32 kilometers).

Developers of HARRIER say they originally built the systems to protect Air Force bases from birds that crossed paths with an aircraft. With the growing threat of unmanned aerial systems, the developers took their system and adapted it to meet the new mission.