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Unprecedented Use of Android-Based Tracking Technology For GPS-denied Environments

For the first time, the NEON Personnel Tracker Solution was used to track personnel within challenging indoor, underground, and urban GPS-denied environments at the Thunderstorm 18-2 Dense Urban and Subterranean Technologies (DUST) Demonstration. The NEON Tracker, developed by TRX Systems, is intended predominantly for tracking first responders and in military operations.

The NEON Personnel Tracker is an Android application tightly integrated with the NEON Location Service, where a suite of patented algorithms fuse inertial sensor data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi readings and inferred map and building data to deliver reliable 3D location, at low-cost.

In essence, personnel who wear the small NEON Tracking Unit and carry an Android device can be now tracked and located in real-time and for after-action view, particularly in areas where GPS is unavailable. Such areas vary from deep subterranean environments such as tunnels to large commercial buildings, skyscrapers and more.

As reported by, the NEON Personnel Tracker’s ability to improve safety and situational awareness was showcased in some of the most challenging GPS-denied environments in New York City.

The NEON tracker can additionally be used to enhance safety and security. Public safety and security applications require real-time indoor location and personnel context information to support the critical 3D monitoring and tracking of personnel inside and outside buildings.

NEON Personnel Tracker offers a solution for security and public safety using Android devices operating on cellular or Wi-Fi data networks.

Additionally, NEON can be used for defense. In tactical environments, dismounted warfighters rely on location information for navigation and to deliver the situational awareness required for optimal command effectiveness. NEON delivers real-time 2D and 3D location and track data for personnel operating in and around buildings, in caves, in densely forested areas, and in areas where GPS may have been intentionally denied. NEON Squad Tracker contains features specifically targeted to improve situational awareness and command effectiveness for the dismounted warfighter.


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