$700 Million Investment: Communist Party of China Releases Primer on Blockchain Technology

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has recently released a primer on blockchain technology and its possible applications, according to an official press release on the CPC website August 13.

According to the statement, the book by China’s Communist Party provides a scientific description of key blockchain features, its origin, future application scenarios, as well as major challenges associated with the adoption of the new technology.

By introducing the book, the Chinese political party aims to assist government authorities in understanding the concept of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and consider the benefits and challenges of adopting blockchain on a national scale.

Ye Zhenzhen, general manager of the People’s Daily — the largest newspaper group in China — wrote in the press release that the most important part of blockchain technology is its “operating mechanism.” Ye added, “Through the ingenious combination of technologies, the fair distribution of resources is completed.”

Ye called on entrants to the industry to “continue to look at blockchain technology with a development perspective,” in order to provide “sustainable and healthy development” of the blockchain industry and promote DLT “to benefit the people’s better life.”

Earlier today, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) listed a blockchain laboratory as one of the key labs for the year of 2018. The MIIT’s blockchain lab aims to improve data security and IT systems with the new DLT developments, and will operate under the oversight of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center.

On August 9, the Bank of China revealed plans to invest in the development of fintech, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The state-backed, commercial bank plans to invest more than 1 percent of its operating annual income, which amounts to 483.7 billion yuan ($70.2 billion) in 2017.






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《区块链——领导干部读本》和此前由人民日报出版社出版的《人工智能——领导干部读本》《数字中国——领导干部读本》等图书已形成系列。该系列图书准确把握中央精神和战略部署、密切关注全球新一轮科技革命和产业发展前沿、紧密联系工作实际,对于领导干部深入了解新一代信息技术发展现状和趋势,推进实施国家大数据战略具有重要参考价值。(撰稿:蒋菊平 刘天骥)




Counseling Reader for Cognitive Blockchain of Party and Government Cadres

“Blockchain – Leading Cadres Reader” recently published by People’s Daily Press

10:57, August 13, 2018 Source: People’s Network – Theoretical Channel

In order to help leading cadres at all levels understand the blockchain knowledge, the People’s Daily Publishing House recently planned to publish the book “Blockchain – Leading Cadres Reader”. Based on the top-level design and strategic deployment of national big data, this book systematically blocks the blockchain from the perspective of the origin, core characteristics, possible future application scenarios and challenges brought by business, law and technology. Interpretation and thorough interpretation.

Ye Hao, president of People’s Network, pointed out in the article “From Internet Thinking to Blockchain Thinking” in the income book. “The biggest significance of blockchain technology at present is its operating mechanism. Through the ingenious combination of technologies, the fair distribution of resources is completed. In order to ensure the consistent goals of the community and the behavioral norms of the members. This gives us a new perspective and thinking path to look at the problems and find ways to do it. We call on the industry peers to continue to look at the blockchain technology with a development perspective. Looking at the blockchain label from a scientific perspective, look at the blockchain industry with a strategic eye, look at the blockchain business opportunities with a calm eye, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the blockchain industry, and promote blockchain technology to benefit the people’s better life.”

The book also included Zhang Huayu, founding chairman of Danhua Capital, “The blockchain is the new turning point of the Internet world”, Duan Yongchao, chief strategy officer of Caixin Media Group, “The core of the blockchain: “Consensus””, Hangzhou Investment Management Partner Xue Jingzhong, “The Origin and Development of Blockchain”, Zhang Xuguang, President of Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association, “Application of Blockchain Technology in the Value Internet Age”, etc., has both theoretical and in-depth discussions. A large number of case-based experience and industry prospects will help leading cadres to understand the blockchain more quickly, use blockchains, and guide the healthy development of the blockchain industry.

“Blockchains – Leading Cadres Readers” and books such as “Artificial Intelligence – Leading Cadres Reader” and “Digital China – Leading Cadres Reader” published by People’s Daily Publishing House have formed a series. This series of books accurately grasps the central spirit and strategic deployment, pays close attention to the global new round of scientific and technological revolution and the frontier of industrial development, and closely links the actual work. It has a deep understanding of the development status and trends of the new generation of information technology for leading cadres, and promotes the implementation of the national big data strategy. Important reference value. (Written by: Jiang Juping, Liu Tianqi)

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