Technology Director
Innovation Screening & Auditing

May 2020 to present

Berlin Metropolitan Area, Germany – coming soon.


A non-profit network in the European Cybersecurity sector.

CyberXY / Cyber DEFCON1 is an operative network for startup-entrepreneurs, experts, and executives across the board in Europe‘s digital security sector.

It is meant to connect people in the sector, for sharing and receiving valuable knowledge, contacts and best practice guidelines for the benefit of innovative European security technologies. Our network is free of charge and is serving non-profit purposes to answer the age-old cybersecurity questions of “How to Protect – X” and give answers and tips for funding when the “Why? – Y” question infallibly comes up in budgeting. We are always open for contributions from authors, startup-founders and media partners to expand the network’s size, presence and impact.

Through this platform, Cybersecurity founders can exchange ideas and look for support.

We have been in the security startup sector for many years and have seen how underdeveloped this segment is in terms of professional networks, financing and public relations. Given the importance of European security technology for the future independence and safety of our domestic economy, society and civilian culture, we wanted to change something. With our free-of-charge members-only platform coming this fall, CyberXY is inducing a first step towards a better communication – and support –  among European security startups.

Starting publicly soon, we are offering a helpful range of services to our members; until then per invitation only.