Coaching & Advice


Are you a start-up founder and looking for help to get things going, grow from the initial launch, find engineers and other staff, or expand rapidly in markets and size?

I gladly help, and do so at reasonable rates:

  • Writing the initial business plan
  • Validation of existing business models
  • Creating pitch decks and helping you present your case
  • Assisting in talks with potential investors
  • Helping you determine core technology choices
  • Technical designs of your infrastructure, both front- and backend
  • Providing you with scalability designs
  • Helping you find and evaluate other team members
    • Co-founders
    • Engineers
    • Operations
    • Sales & Marketing
  • Expansion into other markets and countries

Just ask!

I am available globally, in person, online via Google Hangout / Skype video, or via telephone.

To avoid any confusion, I do not offer legal services or personnel placement: I simply help you to get things off the ground, and grow / scale the business once it is running.

This is meant as an alternative to “incubators” – which cost you equity (sometimes a lot of it), often force you into their “cookie cutter” standard replicable environment, and limit you to a short time frame to get everything going (else you are out, and with less than you started initially).